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The Reverb Foundry Collection

By 15th August 2022February 5th, 2023No Comments
The Reverb Foundry collection comprises a series of distinctive special projects inspired by a love for reverb heritage, each with a unique connection to the finest reverbs of their generation. These plug-ins are now available directly from LiquidSonics.
Tai Chi is the definitive ensemble character reverb. While 70’s hardware like the Lexicon 224 introduced us to the wonder of thick, evolving ethereal chorused spaces and legends like Vangellis broke new sonic ground with them, their potential was held back by the technology of their time. Tai Chi follows this path, taking inspiration from multiple hardware legends with a no-comprises algorithmic design for the richest, thickest and smoothest ensemble reverbs ever heard. For luscious evolving Atmos reverbs with exceptional clarity, Tai Chi has no equal.
HD Cart is a modern interpretation of an expansion cartridge for the 80’s (and through the 90’s) best selling hardware reverb which itself has been expanded to meet the demands and expectations of the contemporary producer. This is not a pure emulation, rather it takes inspiration from one of the best reverb algorithms of its day and reimagines what it could be in a modern context without being held back by the technical limitations of the past. Nowhere else will you find an Atmos-capable reverb design with an acoustic aesthetic so deeply rooted in classic 80’s reverb design methodologies.
First introduced the mid 2000’s, the Bricasti M7 remains the definitive hardware reverb of the modern era. Contemporary productions often demand full DAW session recall and parameter automation with a simple plug-in user interface – M7 Link enables you to manage multiple M7 hardware reverbs within the DAW via MIDI, enabling convenient and rapid new workflows for the venerable studio essential.
If you loved the sound of hardware but need the convenience of software, Reverb Foundry is here for you.