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iLok License FAQs

Answers to commonly asked licensing questions can be found below, please check for potential solutions before contacting support.

First Time iLok Users / Activating Licenses

If you are new to iLok, please follow these five simple steps to activate and run your LiquidSonics plug-ins.

1. If you have never used iLok before, simply visit and download the latest software for your operating system.

2. Next create a free account with iLok, and log into the license manager that you just installed.

3. When you are signed in to the license manager desktop application, just click Licenses and Redeem Activation Code from the menu; copy/paste your license into the box.

4. Next you will be given the opportunity to activate to your local computer. This is the recommended option for new users.

You may wish to activate to a physical iLok, so consider purchasing an iLok 2/3 (leading music retailers or Amazon often stock these) and deposit a license there (you can move licenses between the computer or device as necessary in future).

If you would like to use iLok Cloud, simply open a cloud session from license manager’s file menu. The cloud session must stay open for you to continue using any activations in the cloud. Please note that you can only have one active cloud session per account.

LiquidSonics products all come with two activations – this means you can activate any combination of 2 from the choices of USB, iLok Cloud or machine activation at a time. This could mean two machine activations, a machine activation + a cloud activation, and so on.

5. The iLok License Manager is not a software download tool (it is only a license management tool), so finally download and install your plug-in(s) from the LiquidSonics downloads page. Please be sure to download the correct editions for your license (e.g. standard vs professional where applicable).

Software Will Not Unlock Despite Activating

The usual reason is one of two things:

  1. The license manager needs updating to the most recent version – all LiquidSonics products require license manager version 5.7.1 or greater
  2. The wrong software product edition was installed, please double check your license edition (standard vs professional edition)

I moved my iLok Cloud / iLok USB Seventh Heaven license to a machine location and now it is not working

Please update your Seventh Heaven or Seventh Heaven Professional plug-in to version 1.3.4 or above, versions below this do not support machine activations.

A Previously Functional iLok Authorisation Is Not Working

Occasionally a previously functional authorisation can stop working for no apparent reason.

Do not attempt to re-use your license code to solve this problem, if it has already been redeemed then it is in your account and the license code is of no further use.

You do not require a new license code. Please try the following:

  • Update iLok License Manager to the latest version (v5 or above), the plug-in will not be able to see valid authorisations managed by an old version
  • On rare occasions it is necessary to re-install iLok License Manager even if it is the latest version – this may seem unnecessary, but it fixes a lot of problems
  • Synchronise the iLok in iLok License Manager (or remove the license from the iLok and re-activate, this does the same thing)
  • De-activate the license, and then re-activate
  • Check you have no expired demos installed that are actually asking for the code
  • Check you installed the right product (Seventh Heaven vs Seventh Heaven Professional) – it is a very common mistake to pick the wrong product update and install a product you do not have a license for
  • Try opening a cloud session from iLok License Manager if your license supports cloud, this may help as a temporary fix to get you working again (contact support if you want to swap for a cloud license)
  • If a cloud session is open (on your machine or another remote machine), close the session and re-open from License Manager’s file menu

Code Redemption Problems (including Redemption Count Exceeded)

The most common issues redeeming and using the iLok licenses are discussed below.

1. Redemption count exceeded for a license code

It is very important to remember a license cannot be redeemed more than once, whether or not it has been used/activated, it can only be redeemed into your account once.

Often this message is encountered when the license is being used with the wrong product and a second attempt is made to redeem/activate with the purchased code. Please double check your Seventh Heaven license is not being used with Seventh Heaven Professional or vice versa. If you installed the wrong version please remove it with the uninstaller available in the knowledge base.

Usually the license is in the account has not been put on the iLok / machine yet. When the customer tries once again to redeem it not realising it needs activating they find they cannot redeem it again. Visit the ‘available licenses’ tab in iLok License Manager and right click it, activate, and select a physical iLok or machine location to activate to.

You may also need to try synchronising your iLok in iLok License Manager (right click the iLok and click synchronise).

2. Expired demo products are still installed

If you have purchased a Seventh Heaven iLok code this cannot be used with Seventh Heaven Professional and vice versa. The most common mistake is if the Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional demos have both been activated but are now expired, a full license for one of them has been purchased and successfully redeemed/activated, but there is still a demo for one of the expired demos installed. The expired license then asks for an activation code every time it is scanned and the customer enters the wrong code and errors are presented. Please ensure you have removed any expired demo products that you do not wish to purchase.

3. Physical iLok not associated with the correct account (cannot activate to intended iLok)

You can only activate an iLok license on to a physical iLok if you have access to the account login it is associated with. Please ensure you have access to the iLok account a physical iLok is registered with or you will not be able to activate any redeemed licenses. Pace charges a fee for moving redeemed licenses between account. You can tell whether a physical iLok is associated with an iLok account as it will appear in black rather than grey in iLok License Manager when the account is logged in and the iLok is plugged in.

Message received "This software cannot be run because the activation experience thinks the authorization was found, but the wrapper could not verify it."

If you receive error ‘This software cannot be run because the activation experience thinks the authorization was found, but the wrapper could not verify it.’ first please de-activate the license on your iLok, synchronise the iLok, and then re-activate (from your available licenses tab) to your iLok.

Next reinstall the license manager.

If the problem persists you will need to contact Pace Support for further assistance here:!support-ticket/gn

Standard To Professional Upgrades

If you would like to upgrade a license from a standard to a professional edition, please see our upgrades page.

Problems Accessing iLok Cloud

If you are having difficulties accessing iLok Cloud, please check the iLok service status page.

If all systems are reported as working, please open your license manager desktop application, visit File, then “Close All Cloud Sessions”. Next, re-open the session using “Open Your Cloud Session”. This should refresh your session.

Please bear in mind that the software plug-ins regularly check for their activations if provided via iLok Cloud, so you will need to maintain an internet connection for the entire session.

If you continue to experience problems, just activate the license to a machine or USB iLok. Visit the “All Activations” tab, locate your license, right-click it, then click Activate, and select a machine to activate your license to.

Can Machine/Cloud Activations be used with Seventh Heaven?

Seventh Heaven did not always support iLok Cloud or iLok machine activations, but both are now supported. For more information please read this article.

Lost / Broken iLok

Please report your iLok as lost or broken with Pace Support, then if you do not have iLok ZDT+TLC provide us with your RMA and we can replace your licenses.

Inaccessible Machine License

If you have a machine license on a computer that was lost, recently formatted, or is broken, contact us via support for a machine reset. Please specify the machine name you need a reset on, and the iLok account it belongs to.

License Transfers

All LiquidSonics retail iLok licenses can be transferred to another use if you wish to give away / sell your license. You can achieve this through the iLok license manager tool, just locate the license, right click it, and select transfer license. You can find more details on Pace’s license manager support page.

Pace may charge a fee for transfers, please check for their latest transfer fee policy before selling your license to ensure you and your buyer are happy with the Pace terms and conditions of transfer.

I Cannot Access Lustrous Plates or VerbSuite Classics via All Access Pass

All Access Pass customers can access Lustrous Plates and VerbSuite Classics, but if you are having difficulty with this please contact Slate Digital support as LiquidSonics is unable to view your account. Slate Digital support has full access to your account and can assist you.

For questions related to downloads of Fusion-IR files for use in Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics use the form on the contact page. For all other questions including installation procedures and issues/use of Slate Digital products please contact Slate Digital support directly.