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LiquidSonics Artists

Music and post producers love LiquidSonics reverbs. Here’s what professionals are saying about us.

"LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms is really a 'Next Level' surround reverb. There's so much density and depth! It’s also amazing in stereo on my record projects. Guaranteed part of my mix template now."

Alan Meyerson

"Seventh Heaven is on every mix I do. 99% of the time it's my main vocal reverb. By far one of the best reverbs available."

On Cinematic Rooms: "I’m absolutely loving this reverb! It’s the first multichannel reverb I’ve come across that addresses my needs not only for film and TV score, but also my music-only Atmos projects. It went into my mix template right away."

Steve Genewick

"When I was first asked to create the audio for my current project in an unusual 5.1 format, I was intrigued by the control that Cinematic Rooms Professional afforded me. There simply is no greater channel control offered by this reverb that I can find in the marketplace. Truly remarkable reverb, with pristine tails and the ducking option does indeed increase intelligibility for VO, SFX and Score across all channels."

Ron Fish

"Thai Chi has to be the most specific reverb on the market. I am gobsmacked by how I imagine the reverb to sound, and Thai Chi can produce it. It has Dynamics, love this, Fidelity, as well as all the usual controls. However, the option that really grabbed me and I use the most, is the Multiband decay. You just need to grab a band and increase or decrease it. The quick action this plug in enables is amazing when listening to your mix and adjusting these bands to suit. This function is now an invaluable part of my producing. Gobsmacked is the word again. Steve actions to close his mouth."

Steven A WilliamsSting, Gary Barlow, Seal

"Cinematic Rooms has been a dream to use specifically in Atmos projects. The automation has been error free and the interface very easy to use. It has the power to both add an organic spacial quality to dialogue and music as well as infuse interesting and powerful textures during more subjective design moments."

Karol Urban - CAS MPSE

"LiquidSonics reverbs just sound amazing. And they’re so easy to work with as well! Cinematic Rooms is the perfect room reverb - even though it can do so much more than just room sounds!"

Junior Oliver FridDua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Little Mix

“I’ve used many software and hardware verbs over the years. Nothing has come even remotely close to the realistic reverb spaces of Seventh Heaven. Except for maybe the M7 hardware counterpart. This reverb can sound quite huge without losing the sonic clarity of your original mix.”

Steven Richard Davis

“Whether I’m mixing a lush orchestra or a guitar recorded in someone’s basement, this is officially my go-to reverb for everything!”

Eva ReistadWonder Woman 1984, Mulan, No Time To Die

“Cinematic Rooms Pro is been a major discovery for me. A must-have when Atmos mixing and cutting. First, it just sounds perfect, musical and real. Second it is so user friendly and with full control of all necessary features. Tonality and balance are outstanding. I can’t see myself going back to a different reverb when the Atmos environment is required!”

Martín Hernández

"The test for me is whether I get an instant feel for something, and without going in to much depth… Seventh Heaven just sounded right. Nicely transparent but with enough character to set it apart from my other go-to reverbs. Will be revising my templates to include Seventh Heaven now."

Dave Bascombe

“LiquidSonics make some lovely reverbs. I was looking for something to compliment my Bricasti hardware unit, and they came out with Seventh Heaven; it was a must have for me and shines. Recently I’ve been using their new release, Lustrous Plates a lot on my productions; there’s a glorious 3D quality that has been captured, it really takes me back to using real plates in the studios of yesteryear.”

Rik Simpson

"Cinematic Rooms Pro is an incredible reverb. Its sonorous character is perfect for adding depth and shimmer to any score."

Ramin Djawadi

"Being able to place an artists voice in virtually any space you can think of, while at the same time maintaining the highest quality signal processing across the board is what makes the Seventh Heaven reverb by LiquidSonics my top reverb choice."

Patrizio Pigliapoco

Simply put - this is a "Must Have" plugin, I have an M7 in my rack, and it's uncanny. This must be on the buy ASAP list, it's THAT good!

Andy Bradfield

"Cinematic Rooms is stellar. So lush with a simple and intuitive interface. It's now an indispensable part of my Stereo and ATMOS template."

Vic Florencia

“The Seventh Heaven reverbs have been part of my armoury for a while now. Not only is the GUI a familiar friend but the speed at which you can change from one preset to another makes the plug-in very usable. The plates are wonderful”

Simon Rhodes

“Seventh Heaven Professional has been on every mix I've done since I tried it out. And with the newest update, not only is the reverb ducking function is incredible, but the new multichannel options make it positively the best reverb for Atmos.”

Bill Schnee

"I’m a huge fan of VerbSuite Classics and use it all over my mixes."

James F Reynolds

“Using Seventh Heaven Pro feels smooth and satisfying, just like using a Bricasti. And it has the advantage that I can use as many instances of it as my CPU can handle. The whole user experience is a world away from loading up the impulse responses in a standard convolution reverb. Controls are smartly laid out and having the advanced controls and EQ easily accessible encourages you to further sculpt your reverb tail to get just the right fit.”

Al Riley

"Seventh Heaven is easily one of the best reverbs out there on the market. Incredibly realistic and has has that illusive 3D depth you just don’t get in other software reverbs. Very impressive!"

Toby Pitman

"Matt’s reverbs have a wonderful combination of richness without mud. I bought the original Reverberate to use my own IR’s in, I’ve bought every reverb he’s made since."

Simon Franglen

"When you have been blessed enough to work in some of the best cinematic rooms in the world, hearing about a plugin called "Cinematic Rooms" is intriguing: it's a big claim to make on your product name. Liquid Sonics has delivered. I've added Cinematic Rooms into my mix template since day one. In fact, I used it on the first mix I did after I got it. It's staying in the mix template indefinitely and keeping its brother "Seventh Heaven" company."

Martin Nessi

"Seventh Heaven is truly a milestone in digital reverb emulations. The most comprehensive and flexible interface allows for some incredible results. Simply..blown away."

Pete Boxsta Martin

"I can't believe that I've got unlimited Bricasti's in the box now! I really feel the ability of the reverb to blend into the track in that totally natural & connected way which is the true hallmark of the Bricasti! Sounds get more natural & wider but don't lose their immediacy & the reverb never imposes itself in the mix in a fake way. I am a convert!"

Dave Eringa

"Seventh Heaven is probably the best in the box reverb I've heard yet. It really sounds amazing."

Paul Godfrey

"I am absolutely loving your Cinematic Rooms! I am using it on all my Atmos Home Theater Mixes and I have found the clarity and the reliability to be top notch. It just works and it sounds great! Very impressed with Cinematic Rooms the more I use it on Dialog and Music. The tails are stunning, the GUI is great and the flexibility is outstanding! It is a well thought out plug in that I am constantly reaching for to create unique sonic spaces within the mix. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of a plug in that will always be in used in my sound palette going forward!"

Marti D. Humphrey CAS

"LiquidSonics' Seventh Heaven is everything you want in a reverb and more. This reverb has found its way into countless mixes of mine thanks to its practicality and reliability. One of my favourite features is the pre delay and decay lock which allows you to easily cycle through the different reverb types available without losing your initial pre delay and decay settings. I highly recommend this reverb and the entire LiquidSonics collection to anyone in the music space looking for a go-to reverb. Seventh Heaven is truly in a class of its own."

Skyler Gibbons

“Seventh Heaven Professional is so smooth! It’s got those high end, lush tails that are so hard to find in a reverb plugin. It works on literally everything, highly addictive.”


"I've previously used the Bricasti M7 with high-end artists and always wanted to have a portable choice available, then I discovered Seventh Heaven Professional. Pour me a glass of LiquidSonics anytime because it's smooth as silk."

Khaliq Glover

"“In a world of excellent reverbs, CInematic Rooms distinguishes itself with exquisite sound and flexibility, and a really great and elegant user interface expereicen which makes it just great fun and easy to get to te sound in your head… It will surely be a classic reverb going forward It has become a favorite for sure”

Charles Maynes

“This reverb is insane! From the moment I opened it, it just made everything sound and feel better, bigger, wider. Instant production value! I love it”

Mike Avenaim

“Liquidsonics plugins are all over my mixes these days. Lustrous Plates, which was my first plugin of theirs, is now my go to plate plugin - and I can’t wait to start using it in surround as well! I also love Cinematic Rooms and I use it in both stereo and surround modes because it has some of the most natural sounding reverbs ever. The control you have over every channel when mixing in surround with Cinematic Rooms allows for amazing flexibility and creativity that I have not found with any other reverb out there. Their plugins have become a very important tool during my mixing process.”

Alex Venguer

"Cinematic Rooms wraps my scores in an acoustic reality that carries the emotional narrative as much as the melodies do, giving every scene an authentic atmosphere. Seventh Heaven brings an unparalleled definition to the finer sonic details, ensuring that the most delicate percussion and the boldest brass resonate with cinematic vigor. For fellow composers in pursuit of that elusive depth that gives a score its soul, I cannot recommend LiquidSonics highly enough. Their reverbs aren’t just heard—they’re felt."

Marc Jovani

"LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms is the most musical reverb I’ve used. Totally immersive, which is exactly how it should be. Makes life better!"

Hans Zimmer

"I have just used Lustrous Plates for the first time and am very pleased with what it brings to a mix. I have long been a fan of Seventh Heaven and Lustrous Plates is another sterling reverb from Liquidsonics, great depth, width and overall clarity, very impressive."

Guy Massey

"The sound of the room and reverb is crucial in a great sounding score. So where I need to add reverb I need it to be the best sounding, and importantly easy to tweak and compare, so I can work quickly and efficiently. Now I use an Apple Silicon Mac, LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven, Tai Chi and Cinematic Rooms give me that realistic quality sound straight from fantastically tweakable presets, and I’m running over 40 at once in my mix templates."

Jake Jackson

"LiquidSonics reverbs have superseded whatever I’ve been using for many years. And when it comes to Atmos mixes they’re in a league of their own."

Stephen Lipson

"Within minutes of trying LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms, I knew it was an absolute must have. No other reverb plugin....or hardware for that matter... comes close to the depth and range of sounds possible."

Craig Bauer

"I had the pleasure of having a Bricasti M7 in my system for a while and I ended up realizing that the preset I had on the hardware was flat out right in line with this plugin and ended up mixing the second half of the film with the Seventh Heaven plugin. In turn, the film was nominated for a french Academy Award for Best Score. I am incredibly happy to have an infinite number of these babies on all of my mixes now. Really super stuff."

Marc Daniel Nelson

“Cinematic Rooms connects and integrates beautifully with our immersive recordings. The clever integration to the DAW makes it possible to implement the true immersive reverb in our extreme sample rate workflow.”

Morten Lindberg

"Cinematic Rooms is absolutely brilliant! The level of care and detail that went into this reverb engine is spellbinding. Sonically, the quality is immediately apparent and the customization features are endless. It is a joy to use and hear, and is my go-to room reverb!"

Jacob SheaComposer: Planet Earth II, Blue Planet II

"One my favourite reverbs and the closest thing to an M7, a must buy!"

Michele Canova Iorfida

"LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms 是我现在创作沉浸声音乐最主要的混响插件,它可以令人惊讶地还原我对古代东方世界的幻想,并在我的音乐中创造出一种美丽的深度。我会向身边的每一位音乐人强烈推荐这款强大的插件。" ("LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms is my favourite reverb plug-in for immersive music making. It can amazingly recreate my imagination of the ancient Eastern fantasy world and create a beautiful depth in my music. I would highly recommend this powerful plug-in to every musician around.")

Terry GaoDolby Atmos Ambassador & Educator in China

"Cinematic Rooms Professional is a sea change for reverb plugins. The GUI is the best of any reverb plugin around, and it takes me no time at all to dial in just the right sound. And the sound is amazing, with surround reverbs folding down beautifully for album mixes of film scores. I love this reverb!"

John Rodd

"It's surprising how quickly Seventh Heaven Pro became my go-to plugin for reverb, from long rich tails to realistic rooms... it can do no wrong!

Cameron Craig

"Over the years I have used just about every software reverb made and all pale in comparison to Liquidsonics products. Cinematic Rooms and Seventh Heaven are quite simply the only reverbs you will ever need. Bravo!"

Rufio Sanildands (iZNiiK)Black Adam, Swedish House Mafia, Tinie Tempah, Knife Party, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix

"I have been a Bricasti M7 hardware user since 2009, nothing I have used comes closer to the M7 hardware units than Seventh Heaven Professional."

Kim Person

"From the moment I started playing around with this reverb, I knew it would be going into all of my mixing templates! Cinematic Rooms offers subtle spaces that blend effortlessly into any mix yet also gives you the ability to make big, splashy, overt heavenly spaces, all in anywhere from stereo to Dolby Atmos. Absolutely loving this verb."

Phil McGowan

“I’m a big fan of the M7, so when I came across the Seventh Heaven Pro I was keen to see how it compared. I’ve used it on a couple of recent mixes and was genuinely impressed with the depth and quality. It’s become a firm fixture in my template now.”

Ali Staton

Seventh Heaven is probably the highest quality reverb I have in the box. It’s my new goto for realistic studio rooms and when I’m looking for long luxurious halls and plates. I absolutely love the low end you can get from this reverb, it’s in my opinion where some other good plugin verbs fall flat. It’s a convolution reverb, but with the fantastic tweak-ability, it feels more like an algorithmic reverb, which is a huge plus. Seventh Heaven sounds just as amazing!!

Jonas Westling

"A beautiful, flexible, expansive and deeply impressive reverb. Below the surface of the gorgeous interface lurks a complex super power of an engine."

Stephen Gallagher

We ‘add reverb’ because we want the listener to be in a specific place and feel a certain way. This virtual space and feeling has to be transparent, yet still have soul, in my opinion. I appreciate effects that can feel like nothing or everything, whichever I choose. Seventh Heaven by LiquidSonics is all this and more. Great plugin!

Robert L Smith

"Loving the plates in LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Pro reverb, a great M7 sound!"

Mike Dean

"Reverb can be a tricky thing. Often I want it to put an instrument in a space without calling attention to itself, but sometimes I want to really notice that reverb as a thing unto itself. LiquidSonics manages to pull off the trick of doing both as required. Whether it’s a subtle sense of space around a guitar or a beautiful trail at the end of a vocal phrase, this does it all. It’s difficult and rare to find a software reverb that just sits 'right' in your mix, and LiquidSonics has managed that in a way that rivals hardware."

William Wittman

"Loving this AWESOME LiquidSonics reverb, derived from the Bricasti M7 hardware - I have owned one in the past, and it's highly convincing!"

Jack Ruston

"After several mixing sessions with the Bricasti M7, Seventh Heaven Professional has now become a much loved addition to my mixing toolbox. I’m transported and inspired by the Liquidsonics achievements."

Gareth Jones

"Cinematic Rooms has quickly become my go to reverb for film score mixing. The beauty of this verb matched with its ingenious interface makes it an instant classic. Absolutely brilliant!"

Scott Michael Smith

"Cinematic Rooms tracks beautifully and blooms into the space exactly the way I want. The surround editing planes give me all the control I’m looking for and it creates the right room quickly and sounds amazing."

Bob Bronow

"Cinematic Room is a must have reverb plug-in. It is a well thought and crafted reverb machine that not only sounds really good, but makes our lives easier. It is an immersive reverb with depth and character with a ton of controls to help us shape it to the most complex demands of audio post sound design and mixing. It makes part of my template in every film I do.”

Ricardo Cutz

"Seventh Heaven is such a great recreation in a plugin form of the Bricasti hardware. I’m such a fan! It’s my new goto reverb. The best part is how the reverb tail works in a mix. With imaging and depth that stand out above the rest. Thanks LiquidSonics for making my job so much easier."

Darrell Thorp

"When I’m composing I need a room I can count on, and the Cinematic Rooms doesn’t disappoint. Having used many other room simulation plug ins, I wasn’t expecting this, but the Cinematic Rooms is way deeper than I expected. The depth of field is unbelievable. Unless you’re composing music in one of the world’s best orchestral studios, Cinematic Rooms is the next best thing. An absolute joy to work with. Kudos Matt!!"

Dean LandonThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Saturday Night Live

"Cinematic Rooms is the perfect tool for ATMOS mixing. The rooms sound great right out of the box and it creates an immersive addition to the music tracks that is beautiful. A welcome addition to my template."

Frank Morrone

"This gets a "holy crap!" from me! I love this plug."

John Whynot

"Absolutely adoring Seventh Heaven Pro and Lustrous Plates. Just now starting to dig into Cinematic Rooms. Floored! Love the depth and detail! So much harmonic recreation and extension.. beautiful!"

Jesse Ernster

"Seventh Heaven is by far the best reverb I've ever used. The closest thing to a hardware Bricasti. It has become an indispensable part of my studio."

Tom Howe

"LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms is best-in-show for blending orchestral samples with live orchestra… nothing does it better. It is nearly effortless to find the right setting for your environment… if not already existing perfectly in a preset, then just a few knob turns in the powerfully elegant interface will get you in the room that you hear in your head. Stunning reverb plug-in."

Rob 'Shrock' Shirakbari

"First you learn to hear eq, then compression, THEN you learn to hear reverb. LiquidSonics' reverbs have depth and dimension simply not found anywhere else."

Damien Lewis

"It’s the realism that does it for me. I often work in small controlled recording spaces so to have access to these types of rooms, chambers and halls and for them to sound so real and usable with the minimum of tweaking is hugely impressive. An absolute must have for me on every session."

Declan Legge