Legacy Software

Final 32-bit Versions

The final versions of in-service products that contain a 32-bit build are available for download below. All require Windows 7 (or above) or macOS 10.9 (or above). There are no versions available which support operating systems older than these.

Please be aware that any bugs or incompatibilities found in these versions will not be resolved as they are no longer maintained.

Seventh Heaven (v1.3.2)

Download: Windows | macOS

Seventh Heaven Professional (v1.3.2)

Download: WindowsmacOS

These installers provide the plug-ins and first block of content, for the additional content for the latest shipping content installers can be used.

Illusion (v1.1.5)

Download: Windows | macOS

Discontinued Products

Due to the vintage of technologies used in early LiquidSonics products some plug-ins have reached the point at which it is no longer possible to provide the same level of user experience that we can provide with later releases built with more modern tools.

Expectations around the graphical interface capabilities of modern DAWs (high DPI and scalability), support for some plug-in formats in modern operating systems and changes in processor architectures have unfortunately left some plug-ins in a position that they are increasingly unsuitable for modern workflows. A decision has been taken to sunset these products and remove them from sale.

You may continue to access the most recent product installers from this page, although only limited support can now be offered for these products and it is not expected to be possible to continue to update them in future to maintain compatibility with future technological advances.

Reverberate 1 and 2

If you would like to upgrade to Reverberate 3 please head to the LiquidSonics upgrades page, or to download an older version please use the links below.

Version 2.2
Windows full version: 32-bit | 64-bit
Mac full version: 32/64-bit download
Fusion-IR Packs for Reverberate 2: Download

Version 1.916
Windows full version: 32-bit | 64-bit
Mac version: 32/64-bit download

Reverberate Core

Windows version: 32-bit | 64-bit
Mac version: 32/64-bit download

Reverberate LE

Windows version: 32-bit


Windows version: 32-bit | 64-bit
Mac version: 32/64-bit download

Filtrate LE

Windows version: 32-bit