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Here is a selection of reviews of LiquidSonics plugins from some of the most respected music and audio production magazines, web sites, blogs. We’ve also included some reviews from popular online forums and store reviews too. With that said, the best way to see if our reverbs are as fantastic as the reviews suggest is to download a demo and try it for yourself. We recommend you do that and find out why so many people are saying great things about LiquidSonics.

Between its smart feature set and excellent sound, Lustrous Plates has what it takes to be a significant player in the plate reverb plug-in market.

Mike LevineMix Magazine

"Eight of history's greatest hardware reverb units in one package. With its simplicity being, mostly, a positive, VerbSuite Classics takes convolution to new heights, delivering the essence of eight of the finest reverbs of all time.

Music Radar

Seventh Heaven Professional is simplicity itself to use, sounds great, and offers more than enough editing flexibility for normal use. What’s not to like?

Sam InglisSound On Sound.

Cinematic Rooms sounds gorgeous. It’s rich, lush and dense from the outset but, as should be clear from our tour of the parameters, its true genius lies in just how controllable each stage of the space-designing process is. LiquidSonics’ new plug-in perhaps represents a new standard in media-friendly reverb design.

MusicTechJono Buchanan

If you’re working with audio in post, I’ll go as far as to say you need this reverb. If you’re a composer, producer, mixer, etc., it will make your mixes come to life!

Sonic ScoopMatthew Wang

These plug-ins though don’t feel like convolution reverbs, the response of the controls feel really snappy and I really like the way the reverb tails drift and develop.

Pro Tools ExpertDan Cooper
Cinematic Rooms Pro Main UI

Cinematic Rooms is a very high-class algorithmic surround reverb, and although some of its features are designed with post-production users in mind, it works extremely well in music mixing and in stereo too.
Sam Inglis – Sound On Sound

The ability to apply scaling to nearly every parameter in every plane is eyeopening in terms of sound design and creating immersive sound. Whilst variations of some of these approaches have been around in other multichannel reverb plug-ins (Exponential Audio’s excellent Phoenix springs to mind), they don’t come close to the scale and flexibility on offer here. You’d still have to prise Altiverb out of my cold dead hands for some things — but Cinematic Rooms might well be the only other reverb you will ever need for some years to come.
Jon Thornton – Resolution Magazine (Autumn 2020)

At a price of $399 for the professional version, it is a must-have for anyone working in post sound, especially if you are mixing in Atmos. The quality is on-par or better than its competitors, but hands down wins for being able to quickly and intuitively dial in a space.
Korey Pereira – Pro Tools Expert

The first reflections are very important to define an environment and in Cinematic Rooms these are incredibly musical; for this reason the plug in excels in the production of environments and short reverberations. Where other plug ins become unnatural and tinny, Cinematic Rooms stays natural adding only a delicate air and richness to the sound. Obviously, this does not mean that Cinematic Rooms is not suitable for creating large spaces, on the contrary!
Leonardo Curiale – Audiofader

Cinematic Rooms shines as a reverb effect with crystal-clear and detailed sound, which shows its strengths especially in film, game and production music, but also in Ambient and similar genres. The audio quality meets the highest demands. It is amazing how natural and nuanced an algorithmic reverb effect can sound. With a manageable number of parameters, excellent sounding simulations of chambers, as well as small and very large rooms such as halls and cathedrals can be created. (Rating 5.5/6)
Beat Magazine (Issue 186 / July 2021)

The UI for Cinematic Rooms is very user-friendly and incredibly easy to navigate. It takes mere seconds to create anything from a small closet-style reverb, all the way to a 3.2s hall verb. Cranking up the decay time past the 6s mark was very useful for sound design, and I found myself throwing low pass filtered kick drums through the long reverb to create subsonic booms that shook my studio. LiquidSonics have managed to create a versatile reverb processor that’s easy to use and so detailed and realistic that it has quickly become my go-to effect on every session. … If you’re working with audio in post, I’ll go as far as to say you need this reverb. If you’re a composer, producer, mixer, etc., it will make your mixes come to life!
Matthew Wang – Sonic Scoop

Cinematic Rooms sounds gorgeous. It’s rich, lush and dense from the outset but, as should be clear from our tour of the parameters, its true genius lies in just how controllable each stage of the space-designing process is. You can load a preset and get a great sound immediately or dive in as deeply as you like and tweak until your heart’s content. LiquidSonics’ new plug-in perhaps represents a new standard in media-friendly reverb design.
Jono Buchanan – MusicTech

Cinematic Rooms is a game changer. It’s that simple. It’s different to anything else on the market. It’s better than all the other reverbs put together, and for the money it’s an absolute no-brainer.
Guy Michelmore – ThinkSpace Education

Using both standard and pro edition. Gorgeous spaces, especially on orchestral works. Lives up to its name, very easy to use and tailor cinematic sounding room spaces.

“This plugin really lives up to the name Professional. Here you find all the presets from the original from Bricasti, meticulously recreated. This reverb offers everything from small cramped rooms, to large halls and church buildings – all extremely realistically rendered.” …  “Here, all the old preconceived notions about convolution reverbs and their limitations are put to shame. You might as well think of this as a first-class algorithmic reverb, both in terms of sound and manageability.”
Gunnar E Olsson – Musikermagasinet (October 2023)

With enough time and effort, you can coax a good sound out of most reverbs, but what sets products like Seventh Heaven apart is that it’s impossible to get a bad sound from it. Seventh Heaven Professional is simplicity itself to use, sounds great, and offers more than enough editing flexibility for normal use. What’s not to like?
Sam Inglis – Sound On Sound

“An instant check of the master bypass confirmed how much better tracks sound with Seventh Heaven doing its magic. This is an undeniably badass reverb.
Rich Tozzoli – MIX Magazine

It’s no surprise that Seventh Heaven has gained so many plaudits; it’s just an effortlessly wonderful-sounding reverb. Its plates wrap beautifully around vocals, placing them into a mix with no fuss, while the halls are glorious, providing the perfect treatments for orchestral elements or lusher, more epic mix elements such as leads and pads. The non-linear algorithms provide an AMS RMX16-style gated snap, while the ambience and chamber parameters lend punch, power and depth to drums. This is heaven by both name and nature.”
Excellence Award – 10/10
Jono Buchanan – MusicTech

Seventh Heaven Professional nails the Bricasti sound and vibe in a convolution plugin that feels amazingly algorithmic. Ultimately, it comes down to how many presets and how much control you feel you need – bearing in mind that, like the M7, Seventh Heaven often just works with minimal or no user input – and what you’re prepared to pay, but the most important thing is that both of them bring the authentic sound of one of the greatest hardware reverbs ever made to the DAW in real style.”
Music Radar

“As far as I’m concerned, it gets the highest rating possible and the Best Product Award. It’s been almost five years since I started writing reviews for Audiofanzine and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever given such a rating, but I have no doubts about it because Seventh Heaven Professional is hands down the best software reverb available today.

“The plug-in has an incredibly professional sound and seems to impart a nice sheen to most sources. In comparison to the actual M7 there are some slight tonal differences but it does a very respectable job of supplying those expensive sounding reverbs.”
Resolution Magazine (June 2017)

Seventh Heaven Professional is truly angelic and sponges that ethereality on to pretty much everything it touches. Because it does allow you to pump up the bass, it’s a great tool for doubling and intensifying kick drums, bass and more, while still making your vocals, guitar and whatever else you thrown in to it sound holy.
Ask Audio

“We have quite a good number of awesome reverb plug-ins out there, for all tastes and pockets, and Seventh Heaven Professional is definitely among the best
Gearspace (Seventh Heaven Pro review)

“Seventh Heaven handles emulations of small spaces very well, without the metallic ringing or buzzing that many reverb processors create. Small room settings really feel like a recording made in a small room. And the large spaces feel open and, well, large.”
Gearspace (Seventh Heaven standard edition review)

“Here is something of the same depth, width and above all integration with the mix that characterises the M7. We are there 95%, and so far, that many will benefit greatly from Seventh Heaven, which has to be called one of, perhaps the best and most useful plug-in reverb on the market right now.” [Copy Translated via Google]
ProAV Magazine (Danish language)

“Seventh Heaven is considered by many to be the most convincing software version of the legendary hardware verb Bricasti M7 – a rack unit found in many studios around the world. Sound-wise, both editions sound absolutely wonderful. They really justify the name. You’ll easily end up in the seventh heaven.”

“Quite simply, Seventh Heaven is the only way to capture the magic of the Bricasti in your DAW.”
Produce Like A Pro (Web)

“The way I would describe this reverb is classy – I can’t hear any unwanted artefacts, which I do hear in other plug-ins” … “It’s a win-win, I think it’s amazing.”
Produce Like A Pro (Video Review)

“The only drawback of the free trial is that if you try it… you will probably want it!”
Russell Cottier – Record Production

“I firmly believe that Seventh Heaven Professional is one of the best reverbs for professional audio production.” (Italian translation)

“Seventh Heaven presents an extraordinary software model that faithfully reproduces the renowned Bricasti M7 hardware reverb unit, certainly one of the best hardware reverbs, and now presented wonderfully as a plugin.”
Headliner Magazine

“This reverb perfectly combines the depth and warmth associated with vintage gear with the precision and adaptability of digital technology. Whether you want to create subtle ambiences or vast, immersive spaces, Tai Chi offers innovative features and stand-out acoustic performance to elevate any project.”
Produce Like A Pro (February 2024)
“Tai Chi is an independent algorithmic reverb effect with an outstanding basic sound that can be extensively adapted to your own needs and the specific audio signal like almost no other reverb plug-in. We particularly liked the well thought-out and clear interface with its very useful selection of parameters. Tai Chi, therefore, invites you to try it out and tweak it yourself and rewards you with impressive sound results. In principle, more experimental and wacky effects are also possible, but we see the strengths primarily in classic reverb effects, especially as a full, warm reverb for synthesizers, instruments and vocals.”
Mario Schumacher – Beat Magazine (January 2024 #216)
“It is almost impossible not to be struck by how incredibly good everything sounds. Absolutely wonderful! Download the demo version now! This is an order!”
Gunnar E Olsson – Musikermagasinet (October 2023)

“At heart, Tai Chi is a pulsing ensemble reverb, giving the means to amass spaces coated in chorus, and bringing fatter, multi-voiced sounds to your mix. Tai Chi provides seemingly limitless spatial control, ensemble generation and all manner of twisting and warping abilities. From our initial tests, it’s abundantly clear that Tai Chi is a richly rewarding route to making some space.”
Andy Price – Computer Music (December 2022)

“Importantly, the subjective quality of the reverb is extremely classy and flattering, balancing smoothness with texture and subtle modulation. There’s a real sense of space around the sound, without the reverb ever sounding ‘glued on’, and if you’re into long ambient reverbs there’s a lot to explore here. If you need more conventional mix reverbs or small room ambiences, though, those too sound both convincing and musical. This really is a reverb plug-in that can do it all!”
Paul White – Sound On Sound

“There’s something for every application in Tai Chi. For me, a killer feature is the dynamic ducking. If you’re working on atmospheric music or SFX developing ‘unique soundscapes’ then the chorusing and modulation effects will be invaluable. Verdict – a tuneable reverb that will sit well in a mix.”
Nigel Jopson – Resolution Magazine (Autumn 2022 – 22.3)

“Tai Chi has proven to me to be more than a reverb plug-in by way of its imaginative design and extensive, deep parameter control. Brilliant ideas and products like this don’t come around that often, and I think Tai Chi should be standard kit in any plug-in folder and/or session template. Highly recommended!”
Barry Rudolph – MIX

“This reverb plug-in will definitely make your tracks sound massive and bring them to life.”
Ignacio Ponce – Integraudio

“Tai Chi is a great tool with a very wide range of sounds – sometimes far away from the classic room reverberation to the sound-enhancing reverb effect – which will appeal to many creative musicians, especially in the field of electronic music.”
Peter Kaminski –

Reverberate 3 Product Shot - True Stereo Simulation

Reverberate 3

“Thanks to the fantastic sounding impulse responses, Reverberate 3 does an excellent job of recreating the sound of some of the best reverb effects from Lexicon and Bricasti, as well as real rooms. But the plug-in can do much more: thanks to the impressive range of customisation options, which are otherwise only available from its algorithmic colleagues, it delivers remarkably lively and organic reverb effects. This flexibility also makes it an excellent choice for sound design. Reverberate 3 stands out from conventional convolution reverb processors thanks to its flexibility and innovative functions. The excellent price/performance ratio also deserves high praise.”
Vera Schumacher – Beat Magazine (March 2024)

“If this had a white LARC-alike Graphical UI and just offered the bundled FS-48 Fusion-IRs LiquidSonics could still sell it for twice the price of Reverberate 3 which is only $99. I’ll type that once more, this plugin is $99!”
Julian Rodgers – Pro Tools Expert

“The factory preset collection and expansion packs have pretty much anything you’re likely to need for an entire career of mixing” … “Given its customer-friendly pricing, exemplary sound quality and rich collection of factory content, Reverberate 3 could easily be considered the most compelling bargain in the way of reverb plug-ins available today.  I’ll be surprised if LiquidSonics doesn’t find this to be a major hit.”
David Baer – Soundbytes

Reverberate 2

“Behind the plain exterior of Reverberate 2 lurks a hugely impressive convolution reverb, which offers new levels of realism in recreating time-variant sources. … All in all, though, at the asking price, Reverberate 2 is an absolute bargain. Until my lottery numbers come up and I can afford that M7, I’ve no doubt that Reverberate 2 will be seeing a great deal of use in my mixes.”
Sam Inglis – Sound On Sound

A sonically impressive, flexible and intuitive convolution reverb that offers an expensive sound and potential-packed Fusion-IR technology at a great price. Reverberate 2 is one of the best convolution reverbs around, and a steal at this price.”
Music Radar

A great update to an already great convolution reverb. I believe this is going to be a very popular reverb with both music and post-production users.”
Dan Cooper – Pro Tools Expert

An excellent product that will delight all fans of convolution reverb. And to be honest, I think even algorithm-based reverb fans ought to give it a try, too, just out of simple curiosity, considering how convincing Reverberate 2 is.”

“By now I suspect you’ve gotten the idea that I think Reverberate 2 is pretty special.  I already had a handful of very fine convolution reverbs installed on my DAW computer, and some of those were accompanied by superbly-produced IR collections that covered the breadth of types of natural spaces.  I think there’s a very good chance I will never feel inclined to use any of them again, that’s how spectacular Reverberate 2 sounds to me.  In fact, if there were to be no further advances in reverb technology in my lifetime, I would feel no disappointment.”
Soundbytes Magazine

Lustrous Plates Theme Comparison

“Lustrous Plates impresses as a flexibly adaptable plate reverb simulation that not only impresses with vocals, drums and instrument sounds, but also with synthetic sounds across the board. The plug-in gives signals a very three-dimensional and lively spatial sound. Another advantage of the tool is the flexible setting options, whereby the results in terms of plate size and reverberation time always remain realistic.”
Mario Schumacher – Beat Magazine (November 2019, #167)

“This is a solid, unpretentious and realistic plate plug-in with a tasty pro sound, and well thought-out design.” 8/10
Future Music Magazine (Edition 368)

“Put the word ‘lustrous’ in your product name and you’d better ensure its sound doesn’t disappoint. Thankfully, Lustrous Plates delivers. It’s more expensive than some of its rivals but the technology at the heart of this plug-in allows you to tailor your requirements perfectly to one of the impulse-response algorithms (let your ears audition before choosing) before the synthesised-style controls further bend that choice to the demands of your mix.”
Jono Buchanan – MusicTech

“The fact that it doesn’t try to emulate a specific classic hardware plate (or plates), but instead offers so many plate-sound variations is an advantage, in a way. Rather than trying to sound like a particular piece of gear, it takes a more generic, but highly flexible approach, and gives you the control to shape the sound as you see fit for your mix. Between its smart feature set and excellent sound, Lustrous Plates has what it takes to be a significant player in the plate reverb plug-in market.
Mike Levine – Mix Magazine

“Wow! Finally, an incredibly usable, great sounding plate reverb for surround sound production. It doesn’t get better than Lustrous Plates Surround.”
Damian Kearns – Pro Tools Expert

“I find the Lustrous Plates Surround an ideal complement to the Cinematic Rooms Professional, which also focuses on post-pro and film as a primary application. There are also not that many 3D-capable competitors and no plug-in offers so many different reverb plate simulations.”
Peter Kaminsky – (German)

“So, Lustrous Plates gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up from me. I always quite liked the sound of ValhallaPlate, but having compared it to Lustrous Plates … well let’s just say “There’s a new plate in town”
Sound Bytes Magazine

A very solid entry for a plate reverb emulation.”
Green Light Sound

“The refined algorithms that combine both engines sound particularly good. HD Cart sits perfectly in a music mix.”
Paul White – Sound on Sound (June 2018)

“Lexicon reverb effects are known for their dense, lush and very musical sound character and HD Cart captures this very convincingly. The plug-in offers the same extensive setting options as the original, but is much more convenient to use than its hardware model. With the integrated dynamics effects and the very lively chorus, HD Cart is also ideal for unusual reverb effects and sound design.”
Mario Schumacher, Beat Magazine (July 2023 #210)

“I tested in AAX in Pro Tools 2018.1 and found it to be extra warm-sounding in nearly anyway I set it – it didn’t ever to get harsh or metallic sounding. I liked all the presets and especially liked tweaking the Small and Large Woodroom, Acoustisolo and BigFoot presets. I also found myself using HD-Cart as a dedicated in-line reverb on stereo tracks as it is easy to adjust with the two large knobs.”
Barry Rudolph – Music Connection (April 2018)

“When compared to other reverb plugins I use regularly, HD Cart outperformed each of them, each time demonstrating its wider, deeper, more lavish reverb tone. Aside from its impeccable sound, I have to give a virtual “high five” to Reverb Foundry for the impressive GUI. I absolutely love it. Everything is easy to read, and I like how the additional features are categorized.”
Christopher ‘Czar’ Smith – Recording Hacks (January 2018)

Illusion reverb plugin

All in all, Illusion is a serious reverb plug-in for those that take reverb seriously. The sounds of the reverbs are easy to place in any mix and you’ll find that subtle amounts of short room reverbs within Illusion work brilliantly at adding context and depth that, for me at least, suit my style of mixing.

If you are a stickler for quality reverbs in your mixes then you have got to consider Illusion. Like previous LiquidSonic reverbs, Illusion will not disappoint.”
Dan Cooper – Production Expert

“If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, I will say again that I simply love Liquidsonics reverbs, and Illusion is no exception…One class of user may wish to put Illusion at the top of their list: sound track audio engineers.  This is because the Synthetic Spaces category of presets has special-effect presets well-tailored to soundtrack application.

But Liquidsonics reverbs are all exceptional plug-ins and all are worth your attention.  Liquidsonics just keeps the hits on coming!”