LiquidSonics’ Seventh Heaven Professional is dedicated to the reproduction of the most sought after hardware reverberation tool of a generation – the Bricasti M7. By combining the realism of Fusion-IR with an extensive multi-sampling of the legendary hardware reverb, Seventh Heaven Professional truly redefines contemporary producers’ expectations of any native software reverb plug-in.

The Next Generation of Native Reverb

The best software recreations of classic hardware capture not only the sound – they capture the experience. They blend reproduction with reimagination. Seventh Heaven Professional’s advanced digital signal processing techniques intertwine with controls that closely mirror those of the M7 presenting the freedom of an algorithmic reverb with the breathtaking clarity and authenticity of a Fusion-IR reverb.

Production techniques that were previously impossible with a convolution reverb can be accomplished with ease. Now you can experience the power to change reverb early reflection patterns, decay times, delays, and the tone of the roll-off filters just as thousands of leading producers do on the actual M7 hardware. All in a beautiful, modern and immediately approachable graphical interface. See and hear more for yourself in the video and audio clips.

Seventh Heaven Professional provides arbitrary reverb decay times from 200 ms up to 30 seconds for every preset and includes multi-band decay length multipliers – an unprecedented feat particularly for modulated convolution reverbs.

The decay time challenge

A convolution reverb will typically be able to window a decay time with envelopes of varying complexity, apply pitch/stretch control, and some even allow rudimentary multi-band length modification. However factors such as simulated room size, low frequency response and diffusion/density should be linked to decay time so traditional controls considerably compromise acoustic authenticity.

The solution

Seventh Heaven Professional solves such problems through extensive multi-sampling and intelligent interpolation algorithms. Judicious use of advanced data selection techniques and lossless compression technologies result in a similar disk space requirement to that of the original M7 Fusion-IRs.

Multi-band decay provision

Many algorithmic reverbs provide the ability to extend or contract the reverb decay in low and high frequency bands. This is crucial for the accurate simulation of many acoustic spaces. Seventh Heaven Professional is able to reproduce a similar effect using supplementary multi-band filtering of independently generated reverb decay curves.

The M7 provides two distinct frequency roll-off controls, one for the early reflections and one for the late reverb. These have an enormous impact on the character of the reverb taking it from bright and shimmering to deep and dark.

Typically when an M7 preset is sampled these filter positions are fixed and cannot later be modified. This hugely limits scope when mixing if the early reflections or late reverb needs brightening. A basic roll-off, bell or shelf filter can be useful for reducing spectral content if an inauthentic filter curve shape is acceptable, but is incapable of providing additional spectral content beyond that originally sampled.

Seventh Heaven Professional provides authentic and full control over these two key parameters in either direction. Every filter position available on the hardware can be selected, brightening or darkening the reverb just it would do with the hardware. This truly redefines the boundaries of possibility in a sampled reverb making it suitable for even the most demanding of professional producers.

Depending on the algorithm version the preset is originally taken from (either M7 algorithm v1 or v2) a shallow (for v2) or steep (for v1) filter curve is used for the late reverb component. These filters have been accurately modelled on the M7’s filter model curves.

In a typical mix one rarely perceives reverb once it decays to 20 dB below the onset level so a high quality early reflection engine is of particular importance. The M7 provides numerous early reflection patterns specifically designed to avoid the phasing and other acoustically undesirable effects experienced in many reverb early reflection modules. Those based on simple reflection models (often implemented as discrete delays) are highly susceptible to phasing and balance problems such as those caused by the Haas precedent effect.

The M7’s early reflections are suitable for any space from small rooms to very large cathedrals, and even work well with plate simulation. When combined with the reflection roll-off and early/late mix controls very convincing early stage reverb can be accomplished.

Each of these reflection patterns has been individually sampled and can be selected for use in any of the presets in Seventh Heaven Professional allowing true freedom in early stage of a reverb’s composition.

The relative balance of the early reflections and late reverberant field are of particular importance in any simulated acoustic space or device. Full control over these can be achieved with Seventh Heaven Professional.

The Bricasti M7 is notable for its special consideration of modulated low frequency reverb behaviour (200 Hz and below) independent of the algorithms governing early reflections and the late reverb. This frequency area is crucial to the accurate reproduction of many spaces, and accurate control of it is of great importance to many producers. The Reverberate 2’s Fusion-IR sets allow control over the early and late reverb components, but Seventh Heaven Professional goes much further in providing more precise access to the level of all three reverb components.

LiquidSonics’ proprietary sampling techniques and Fusion-IR convolution technology ensure accurate reproduction of all three reverb components.

The pre-delay and delay modules are fully customisable in Seventh Heaven Professional and respond in a manner true to the original hardware.


The M7’s pre-delay control does not delay the entire reverb signal, so typical attempts to modify a sampled M7 pre-delay will not produce authentic or usually even desirable results. Modification of the hardware’s pre-delay only affects the very low frequency reverb and the late reverb, the early reflections stay close to the dry signal. For the first time this behaviour is faithfully reproduced providing much more control over any inherent pre-delays in presets or the addition of pre-delay in the very natural style of the original hardware.


The M7’s delay feature feeds a modulated multi-voice dry signal back into the late reverb processor’s signal chain. In Seventh Heaven Professional multiple variants of the preset are sampled: those with the original modulated multi-voice delay and others without. This enables very convincing addition, removal or modification of delays using a traditional single-voiced feedback delay which sounds very close to that of the original hardware. This added flexibility means that presets sampled with a delay which does not quite fit with tempo of a song can be modified in very musical ways.

Tempo synchronisation

The delay and pre-delay can be set to synchronise to the host’s tempo using half, dotted and regular 1/32 to 1/4 notes.

For post equalisation requirements a high quality 5-band oversampled paragraphic EQ is provided featuring low shelf, low cut, bell, high shelf and Massberg high cut filter types.

The M7’s ultra-realistic v1 algorithm and its heavily modulated v2 algorithm are perfectly complimented by its implementation of a classic British non-linear reverb algorithm.

Instantly recognisable from numerous vocal and drum tracks from the 80s, the non-linear reverb has a characteristic sustained reverb region before decaying away very naturally. It is the perfect way to complete Seventh Heaven Professional capabilities, and even includes features not found on the original hardware such as the ability to mix in the very low frequency reverb component and specify a reverb delay to boost and thicken the sound.

The revolutionary capabilities of Seventh Heaven Professional have been achieved though meticulous multi-sampling and characterisation of the Bricasti M7. Tens of thousands of pristine captures are combined intelligently to very closely match the sound of the original hardware. Never before has this level of detail been possible in a convolution based product, and no other algorithmic reverb approaches the finesse of the Bricasti M7. LiquidSonics is proud to present a defining landmark in native reverb capability.

Full Download and 14-Day Demo

You may download a fully functional demo using the iLok code below.

The installer files linked below for the demo and full version are identical.

The Seventh Heaven Professional demo is available for free on macOS and Windows.

To begin a demo please install the software after downloading from the tabs above. When you have installed the software use this iLok authorisation code in iLok License Manager: 3307-9385-4184-7002-1696-8247-6967-91

The demo will function for 14 days and after this period audio will not be processed until a full license is downloaded to the iLok. 

A number of audio and video clips are available showcasing the unique features available in Seventh Heaven Professional.

Seventh Heaven Professional is split over 3 installers:

  • A plug-ins installer containing 80 presets (the first 8 form each category)
  • Two optional installers containing additional presets

Version 1.2.0

Plug-ins & presets installer (3.1 GB, required)

The plug-ins and 80 starter presets


Presets expansion #1: M7 algorithm v1 (2.1 GB, optional)

An expansion containing the remaining 100 algorithm version 1 presets available on the M7


Presets expansion #2: M7 algorithm v2 (3.5 GB, optional)

An expansion containing the remaining 38 algorithm version 2 presets available on the M7


Update installer (500 MB / from v1.0.0 and above)

For users of Seventh Heaven Professional v1.0.0


Alternative Download Links

If the standard download links are under heavy load you may download an identical set of files from a different server.

Plug-ins & presets installer (3.1 GB, required)

Download (US server)

Presets expansion #1: M7 algorithm v1 (2.1 GB, optional)

Download (US server)

Presets expansion #2: M7 algorithm v2 (3.5 GB, optional)

Download (US server)

Update installer (500 MB / from v1.0.0 and above)

Download (US server)

iLok License Manager software v4 and above is required to use Seventh Heaven Professional v1.1.2 and up, and you may need up update your iLok firmware by synchronising the iLok in iLok License Manager.

Seventh Heaven Professional is split over 3 installers:

  • A plug-ins installer containing 80 presets (the first 8 from each category)
  • Two optional installers containing additional presets

Version 1.2.0

Plug-ins & presets installer (3.2 GB, required)

The plug-ins and 80 starter presets


Presets expansion #1: M7 algorithm v1 (2.1 GB, optional)

An expansion containing the remaining 100 algorithm version 1 presets available on the M7


Presets expansion #2: M7 algorithm v2 (3.5 GB, optional)

An expansion containing the remaining 38 algorithm version 2 presets available on the M7


Update installer (600 MB / from v1.0.0 and above)

For users of Seventh Heaven Professional v1.0.0


Alternative Download Links

If the standard download links are under heavy load you may download an identical set of files from a different server.

Plug-ins & presets installer (3.2 GB, required)

Download (US server)

Presets expansion #1: M7 algorithm v1 (2.1 GB, optional)

Download (US server)

Presets expansion #2: M7 algorithm v2 (3.5 GB, optional)

Download (US server)

Update installer (600 MB / from v1.0.0 and above)

Download (US server)

iLok License Manager software v4 and above is required to use Seventh Heaven Professional v1.1.2 and up, and you may need up update your iLok firmware by synchronising the iLok in iLok License Manager.

User guide: Download

Presets list and detailed specification: Download

A summary of changes to Seventh Heaven Professional since release and a selection of legacy downloads are included below.

Version 1.2.0 (Released 5 October 2018)

Changes since v1.1.2:

  • Modification to the settings menu with enhanced CPU saving options
    • Additional latency settings options (previously only 4096 samples was available shown as ‘Low CPU mode’)
    • Under-sampling capability options added (for use at 88.2 kHz and above)
    • Low CPU mode VLF option added
  • Optimisations to reduce CPU consumption at 88.2/96 kHz and 176.4/192 kHz sample rates
  • Minor optimisations for AVX512 CPUs added (e.g. iMac Pro / Core i9) for all rates
  • Windows High-DPI mode fix for tool-tip size
  • Fix for EQ low cut filter position resetting value on playback resume
  • Modified the information and help menu to simplify accessing the assistance mode / plug-in information window

Version 1.1.2 (Released 12 December 2017)

Changes since v1.1.0:

  • Added drop-down menu selection of saved user presets
  • Settings menu now allows user to change the initial preset (DAW re-load needed for Pro Tools)
  • Added silence detection with automatic bypass to reduce CPU usage when audio is inactive
  • Improved spreading of workload when many instances are in use
  • Fix for occasional lock-up or crash at start-up
  • Windows: High-DPI monitor support in compatible hosts (includes Studio One 3, FL Studio 12.5)
  • High Sierra bug fix: preset ordering bug fix on APFS volumes

Version 1.1.0 (Released 10 July 2017)

Changes since v1.0.0:

  • Addition of the M7’s nonlinear reverb algorithm and associated presets
  • Additional presets in the new Interiors1 bank (should be used with the mix fully wet)
  • DAW host saves using Seventh Heaven on Windows would not load on Mac versions of the DAW

Windows v1.1.0: Plugins | Presets Expansion 1 | Presets Expansion 2
macOS v1.1.0: Plugins | Presets Expansion 1 | Presets Expansion 2

Version 1.0.0 (Released 22 April 2017)

Purchasing and License Information

Available from the LiquidSonics Store

  • New licenses are priced at $299
  • Existing LiquidSonics customers may be eligible for license discounts in the store (for more information please visit this link)

Product licensing is via iLok with a dual authorisation code delivered by email. An iLok must be purchased separately from an audio retailer if you do not already own one (these are not produced or supplied by LiquidSonics). No option for computer based licensing or Reverberate style license files is provided.

System Requirements, Specifications and Presets

Seventh Heaven Professional supports all major DAWs on Windows and macOS

  • iLok 2 or iLok 3 *
  • Windows 7 and above
  • OS X / macOS 10.9 and above
  • VST 2.4, VST3, Audio Unit and AAX Native plug-in formats
  • 64-bit DAWs are recommended (32-bit is supported)
  • 10 GB hard disk space is recommended (3 GB minimum) **
  • At least 8 GB of main memory is recommended
  • A dual core i5 processor or above is recommended

* Copy protection is via physical iLok (host-based licenses are not supported)

** Data files can be resident on any non-system disk if required, and partial installs can be undertaken

Seventh Heaven Professional is a very a comprehensive reverb suitable for any production, a complete list of capabilities follows:

  • Over 236 multi-sampled Fusion-IR presets
    • All M7 v1 algorithm presets
    • All M7 v2 algorithm presets
    • All M7 non-linear presets
    • All samples were recorded digitally at 96 kHz using AES-EBU with LiquidSonics’ proprietary impulse response capture technology
    • When working at other sample rates IRs are resampled within the plug-in as required with a high quality resampling algorithm
    • Samples are provided in a proprietary true-stereo multi-sampled Fusion-IR format
  • Precise decay time control
    • Minimum 200 ms
    • Maximum 30 seconds
    • High quality interpolation between sampled positions
  • Low, early and late reverb level control
    • Early / late from -20 dB to 0 dB
    • VLF from -20 dB to 0 dB (or off)
  • Flexible roll-off frequency control
    • Early reflections from 80 Hz to 22 kHz
    • Late reverb from 80 Hz to 22 kHz
    • Late roll-off shape determined by current v1/v2 algorithm mode
  • 32 selectable distinct early reflection patterns
  • Pre-delay
    • Select from 0 to 500 ms
    • Optionally sync to host tempo
    • Only applied to the low frequency and late reverb as per M7
  • Delay
    • Select from 100 ms to 1 second
    • Level from -20 dB to 0 dB (or off)
    • Optionally sync to host tempo
    • Only applied to the late reverb as per M7
  • Multi-band decay time
    • Multipliers from 0.2x to 4x
    • Low: 80 Hz to 4.8 kHz
    • High: 200 Hz to 16 kHz
    • Supplementary (i.e. does not change a preset’s inherent LF/HF multiplier value)
  • Mix and gain level control
  • 5-band oversampled master equaliser
    • 1x high pass (12 dB / oct)
    • 1x low shelf or bell
    • 1x mid bell
    • 1x high shelf or bell
    • 1x Massberg high cut (12 dB / oct)
  • Tool-tip help available on most parameters
  • High quality discrete-point metering
    • Input level (-60 to +6 dB)
    • Output level (-60 to +6 dB)
    • Reverb: VLF, early and late levels (-60 to +6 dB)
  • Mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-stereo channel configurations supported
  • Show or hide the advanced controls and equaliser for a simpler or more functional interface
  • Comprehensive settings configuration
    • Low CPU mode (4096 sample delay, approx 50% CPU saving)
    • Reset or hold many parameters on preset change
    • Store preset data files on an alternative disk

M7 Algorithm v1 presets (x148)

The original bank of presets, these are typically the presets the M7 is most well known for. This includes all additional v1 presets that were included in the v2 firmware upgrade.


01 Large Ambience
02 Med Ambience
03 Small Ambience
04 Large & Dark
05 Medium & Dark
06 Small & Dark
07 Large & Bright
08 Med & Bright
09 Small & Bright
10 Deep Ambience
11 Long Ambience
12 Clear Ambience
13 Heavy Ambience
14 Bass XXL
15 Percussion Air


01 Large Chamber
02 Medium Chamber
03 Small Chamber
04 Large & Dark
05 Small & Dark
06 Large & Bright
07 Small & Bright
08 Kick Chamber
09 Snare Chamber
10 Vocal Chamber
11 A&M Chamber
12 CD Chamber
13 Deep Chamber
14 Amb Chamber A
15 A&M Chamber B
16 Old Chamber
17 Sunset Chamber
18 Amb Chamber B
19 Stone Chamber
20 Tiled Chamber
21 Fat Chamber
22 Echo Chamber


01 Large Hall
02 Medium Hall
03 Small Hall
04 Large & Near
05 Medium & Near
06 Small & Near
07 Large & Dark
08 Large & Deep
09 Medium & Deep
10 Concert Hall
11 Gold Hall
12 Sandors Hall
13 Dense Hall
14 Clear Hall
15 Brass Hall
16 Amsterdam Hall
17 Berliner Hall
18 Boston Hall A
19 Boston Hall B
20 Chicago Hall
21 Vienna Hall
22 Worcester Hall
23 The ArchDuke
24 Troy Hall
25 Saint Sylvain
26 Mechanics Hall
27 Saint Gerold
28 Pepes Hall A
29 Pepes Hall B
30 Reflect Hall A
31 Reflect Hall B
32 Piano Hall


01 Bright Plate
02 Dark Plate
03 London Plate
04 Snare Plate A
05 Snare Plate B
06 Vocal Plate
07 Old Plate
08 Rich Plate
09 Gold Plate
10 Dense Plate
11 Silver Plate
12 Percussion Plate
13 Echo Plate
14 CD Plate A
15 CD Plate B
16 Large Plate
17 Small Plate
18 Fat Plate
19 Crystal Plate
20 Sun Plate A
21 Sun Plate B
22 Sun Plate C
23 Vocal Plate B
24 Repro Plate


01 Studio A
02 Studio B Close
03 Studio B Far
04 Studio C
05 Studio D
06 Studio E
07 Deep Stone
08 Music Room
09 Heavy Room
10 Large Wooden
11 Small Wooden
12 Large Tiled
13 Medium Tiled
14 Small Tiled
15 Drum & Chamber
16 Djangos Room
17 Small Vox Room
18 Glass Room
19 Percussion
20 Marble Foyer
21 Large Q Room
22 Small Q Room
23 Large Red Room
24 Red Room
25 Blue Room
26 Large Room
27 Small Room
28 Front Room
29 Center Room
30 Back Room
31 Studio K
32 Waits Room
33 Corn Room
34 Oakland Room
35 SF Perf Room
36 Long Wood Room


01 North Church
02 East Church
03 South Church
04 West Church
05 Cinema Room
06 Scoring Stage
07 Bath House
08 Car Park
09 Arena
10 Redwood Valley
11 Tanglewood
12 Academy Yard
13 Hillside
14 Cavern
15 Stone Quarry
16 Europa
17 Gated Space
18 Reflect Chapel
19 Reflect Church

M7 Algorithm v2 presets (x70)

The version 2 presets are generally brighter with noticeable modulation in the tail.


01 Large Hall
02 Large & Stage
03 Medium Hall
04 Med & Stage
05 Small Hall
06 Small & Stage
07 Large Church
08 Small Church
09 Jazz Church
10 West Hall
11 Concert A
12 Concert B
13 Live Hall
14 Koncert Piano


01 Plate A
02 Small Plate
03 Snare Plate
04 Dark Plate
05 Rich Plate A
06 Rich Plate B
07 Thin Plate
08 Vocal Plate A
09 Vocal Plate B
10 Drum Plate
11 Large Plate
12 Fat Plate
13 Alpha Plate
14 Vocal Shimmer


01 Music Club
02 Large Room
03 Med Room
04 Small Room
05 Lg Wood Room
06 Sm Wood Room
07 Large Chamber
08 Small Chamber
09 Bright Chamber
10 Tiled Room
11 Fat Chamber
12 Studio 1
13 Studio 2
14 Studio 3
15 Studio 4
16 Guitar Room
17 Marble Room
18 Deep Chamber
19 Dark Chamber
20 Vocal Chamber
21 Wide Room
22 Lush Room


01 Open Space
02 Med Space
03 Small Space
04 Vox Ambience
05 Big Bottom
06 Cathedral
07 Grand Stage
08 Lush Church
09 Grand Church
10 Concert Wave
11 Long Vox Space
12 Dark Warm Room
13 Live Room
14 Shimmering Sky
15 Oak Ballroom
16 Ice House
17 Ice Beads
18 Music Forest
19 Waving Bloom
20 Brick Chamber

M7 Miscellaneous presets (x18)

In addition to the traditional v1 and v2 preset banks, 4 non-linear reverb presets are included and 14 interior room presets (intended to be used fully wet, and not included in the hardware delivery).


The full specification for all presets is available in the presets document linked in the downloads section below.

All samples were recorded by LiquidSonics Ltd. (as such they are unofficial samples generated by LiquidSonics rather than Bricasti). The samples are copyright Bricasti Design Ltd. and are being distributed exclusively by LiquidSonics Ltd. with permission of Bricasti Design Ltd. The Seventh Heaven Professional plug-in is copyright LiquidSonics Ltd.


Sound on Sound

“If you want a lush chamber for an exposed solo vocal, or a discreet hall to add class to a slightly dry classical recording, or an ambience to help a close-miked drum kit breathe, this is pretty much without peer. Seventh Heaven Professional is simplicity itself to use, sounds great, and offers more than enough editing flexibility for normal use.”

“With enough time and effort, you can coax a good sound out of most reverbs, but what sets products like Seventh Heaven apart is that it’s impossible to get a bad sound from it.”

January 2018 Issue

Resolution Magazine

“The plug-in has an incredibly professional sound and seems to impart a nice sheen to most sources. In comparison to the actual M7 there are some slight tonal differences but it does a very respectable job of supplying those expensive sounding reverbs.”

“The only drawback of the free trial is that if you try it … you will probably want it!”

June 2017 Issue

Pro Tools Expert

“These plug-ins though don’t feel like convolution reverbs, the response of the controls feel really snappy and I really like the way the reverb tails drift and develop – it’s really nice.”

“If you are a Bricasti M7 enthusiast, you’ve got to check this out!”

Full video review | Interiors & Non-linear Reverb Tutorial Video

Audio Producer News

“Seventh Heaven is shockingly good. So good, in fact, that I almost don’t want to use any other reverb on vocals after hearing it. It’s complex, lush, silky and unobtrusive.”

“This reverb literally makes me want to buy a real M7. It is so addictive when being fed through multiple sends because you don’t get caught in a tidal wave of frequency build-up. The sound is so clarified and this is due to the fact that the source unit didn’t have the level of unwanted coloration suffered by normal algorithmic reverbs.”

“I found myself regularly reaching for the VLF (or Very Low Frequency) control. This imbues so much character into the sound that it is a must on good vocal performances.”

Rating: 5 / 5

Full review

Sound Bytes Magazine

“Before anything else, let me be clear: both of these reverbs sound fabulous.”

“Don’t grab the demo unless you have the money in your budget to buy it.  If you hear it, you will be impressed, you will almost certainly like it, and there’s a very good chance you will lust for it.”

Full review

Computer Music Magazine

“Like that of the M7, Seventh Heaven’s library of halls, chambers plates and spaces is simply breathtaking in its scope and quality, with that famously organic Bricasti density, clarity and ER cohesion.”

“Seventh Heaven Professional nails the Bricasti sound and vibe in a convolution plugin that feels amazingly algorithmic.”

“Like the M7, Seventh Heaven often just works with minimal or no user input.”

Rating: 9/10

October 2017 Issue


“Seventh Heaven Professional is extremely user-friendly. To the point that’s is easy to forget that it’s a convolution reverb! No, seriously, the versatility and effectiveness of the plug-in categorically do away with the hitherto borderline between algorithmic and convolution reverbs.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it gets the highest rating possible and the Best Product Award. It’s been almost five years since I started writing reviews for Audiofanzine and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever given such a rating, but I have no doubts about it because Seventh Heaven Professional is hands down the best software reverb available today.”

Rating: 5/5 and Best Product Award

English review | French review


“Seventh Heaven Professional is truly angelic and sponges that ethereality on to pretty much everything it touches. Because it does allow you to pump up the bass, it’s a great tool for doubling and intensifying kick drums, bass and more, while still making your vocals, guitar and whatever else you throw in to it sound holy.”

Full review


“Sounds simply gorgeous!”

“The interface is really clean, well-organized and most importantly it’s intuitive to tweak even if you’re not an expert on the arts of the reverb.”

“Overall this is a very complete and polished plug-in, most importantly it’s an extremely well-crafted reverb that can easily become a go-to solution for music, sound design and post-production.”

Rating: 5* in all of 5 categories

Full review

This is an unofficial plug-in produced and distributed by LiquidSonics with the express permission of Bricasti Design Ltd. All Bricasti and M7 sample content and trademarks are copyright Bricasti Design Ltd. All software is copyright LiquidSonics Ltd.