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Answers to commonly asked questions can be found below, please check for potential solutions before contacting support.


The most common issues redeeming and using the iLok licenses are discussed below.

1. Redemption count exceeded for a license code

Often this happens when the license is being used with the wrong product. Please double check your Seventh Heaven license is not being used with Seventh Heaven Professional or vice versa. If you installed the wrong version please remove it with the uninstaller available in this knowledge base.

Another reason this usually happens is because the license has not been put on the iLok but is redeemed into the account. When the customer tries once again to redeem it not realising it needs activating they find they cannot redeem it again. Visit the ‘available licenses’ tab in iLok License Manager and right click it, activate, and select a physical iLok.

You may also need to try synchronising your iLok in iLok License Manager (right click the iLok and click synchronise).

2. Expired demo products are still installed

If you have purchased a Seventh Heaven iLok code this cannot be used with Seventh Heaven Professional and vice versa. The most common mistake is if the Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional demos have both been activated but are now expired, a full license for one of them has been purchased and successfully redeemed/activated, but there is still a demo for one of the expired demos installed. The expired license then asks for an activation code every time it is scanned and the customer enters the wrong code and errors are presented. Please ensure you have removed any expired demo products that you do not wish to purchase.

3. Physical iLok not associated with the correct account (cannot activate to intended iLok)

You can only activate an iLok license on to a physical iLok if you have access to the account login it is associated with. Please ensure you have access to the iLok account a physical iLok is registered with or you will not be able to activate any redeemed licenses. Pace charges a fee for moving redeemed licenses between account. You can tell whether a physical iLok is associated with an iLok account as it will appear in black rather than grey in iLok License Manager when the account is logged in and the iLok is plugged in.

4. Attempt to activate without an iLok

An iLok 2 or 3 is required. Host (computer only) or cloud activations are not supported.

5. Receive error ‘This software cannot be run because the activation experience thinks the authorization was found, but the wrapper could not verify it.’

Please de-activate the license on your iLok, synchronise the iLok, and then re-activate (from your available licenses tab) to your iLok.

6. Firmware needs updating

Using iLok License Manager v4.0.3 or above, right click the iLok and synchronise it. This will update the firmware.

If you are having trouble with the v1.3 update to Seventh Heaven or Seventh Heaven Professional please try the following:

  • Update iLok License Manager to the latest version (v5 or above), the plug-in will not be able to see valid authorisations managed by an old version
  • Check you installed the right product (Seventh Heaven vs Seventh Heaven Professional) – it is a very common mistake to pick the wrong product update and install a product you do not have a license for
  • Synchronise the iLok in iLok License Manager (or remove the license from the iLok and re-activate, this does the same thing)
  • Re-scan your plug-ins
  • On rare occasions it is necessary to re-install iLok License Manager even if it is the latest version

Do not attempt to re-use your license code to solve this problem, if it has already been redeemed then it is in your account and the license code is of no further use. You do not require a new license code.

For questions related to downloads of Fusion-IR files for use in Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics use the form on the contact page. For all other questions including installation procedures and issues/use of Slate Digital products please contact Slate Digital support directly.

On PC the Windows control panel’s software uninstall facility will contain references to remove the installed products. On OS X please download this uninstaller tool.

Yes, the static multi-samples are available for use in other products. The LiquidSonics Fusion-IRs for the Bricasti M7 are a freely available public domain resource provided by LiquidSonics for use in convolution plugins supporting Fusion-IR. The copyright vested in these captures rests with Bricasti. Fusion-IR is a proprietary LiquidSonics technology. This zip archive contains the raw true stereo impulse response captures from which the Fusion-IR samples were created so that they can be used freely in other free or commercial convolution products without a need to purchase a Fusion-IR compatible convolution plugin.

Some OS X 10.9.x systems have a specific incompatibility that can be resolved via a special build option that is not included in the main release in order to maximise compatibility with other hosts and plugins that are using conflicting third party libraries.

Please download the compatibility update files in this case and install over the top of a regular installation:

Low CPU mode typically saves around 40%, but can be as much to 60% on modern CPUs for some presets.

CPU load indications are provided below to give an understanding of the level of demand placed on two test systems.

Test Systems

System 1 (mid-range spec in 2017): MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz (Late 2013 model), High Sierra

System 2 (high spec in 2017): Intel i7700 2.6 GHz PC, Windows 10

Host: Reaper 5 at 256 sample buffer size, 44.1 kHz sample rate. Null audio device selected. VST 2 plugin used.

Testing undertaken in ‘Low CPU’ mode and regular mode in Seventh Heaven Professional.

Preset 1: Vocal Chamber (Chambers 1)

System 1 – Low CPU Mode: 1.13 % / Regular Mode: 2.59 %
System 2 – Low CPU Mode: 0.85 % / Regular Mode: 1.50 %

(Similar performance in Seventh Heaven)

Preset 2: Large Chamber (Chambers 1)

System 1 – Low CPU Mode: 1.51 % / Regular Mode: 2.45 %
System 2 – Low CPU Mode: 0.75 % / Regular Mode: 1.80 %

Preset 3: Large Hall (Halls 2)

System 1 – Low CPU Mode: 2.15 % / Regular Mode: 3.53 %
System 2 – Low CPU Mode: 1.55 % / Regular Mode: 2.40 %

Preset 4: Custom set for high usage, 30 second decay, all filters on

System 1 – Low CPU Mode: 2.50 % / Regular Mode: 4.43 %
System 2 – Low CPU Mode: 1.90 % / Regular Mode: 3.65 %


The CPU demand on individual tracks may appear lower in your DAW than shown in these test figures. That is because a lot of the CPU demand is spread over background processing threads to minimise the demands on a per-track basis. This testing indicates more accurately overall system load than simply viewing per-track CPU demand to show the worst-case demands placed on a system.

Version 2 presets use more CPU than version 1 presets due to additional modulation in the tails placing higher demands on the processor.

Regular mode adds no additional latency into the signal path. Low CPU mode incurs 4096 samples of processing delay (92 ms at 44.1 kHz, 43 ms at 96 kHz), which in most cases can be delay compensated by the DAW.

Testing was performed by running 10 instances of the plugin on separate audio tracks, with the results averaged to show single instance load on the CPU.

These results are indicative and may not reflect performance on your computer or DAW software.

On like-for-like presets, Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional place approximately the same demands on the CPU.

Seventh Heaven Professional has a low CPU mode that typically reduces CPU load by around 40%.

Sometimes it can require a restart of the computer before macOS will register newly installed plug-ins and report them to hosts such as Logic X.

Licenses for Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional purchased on or after 8 December 2018 support iLok Cloud authorisations. Licenses bought before this date do not. If you have the original license type that does not support iLok Cloud and would like to swap it for one that does please contact support. There is no charge for a license swap, but some work on your side is necessary to complete the process successfully.

While it would have been possible to upgrade all in-service licenses to support iLok Cloud automatically (as was done with Illusion) this has not been done because there are specific user data (personal preset and DAW save) migration steps that Seventh Heaven users must perform before moving a license to iLok Cloud .

Customer Services, Licensing and Sales

News and other smaller announcements are typically posted on to the LiquidSonics Facebook site.

Major LiquidSonics news is announced via our mailing list with is automatically sent to all customers and anybody else that manually chooses to sign-up to our newsletter here.

You can unsubscribe from the list by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of a mailshot or use this form:

You can use the license recovery tool here.

If you are an EU (excluding UK) resident business with a valid VAT number you may enter your VAT number during check-out and the corresponding VAT will be removed from your order total. You will be provided with an invoice including the LiquidSonics Ltd VAT number and your VAT number for your records.

If you are an EU/UK resident consumer or a UK resident business (with or without a VAT number) then LiquidSonics Ltd (which is registered in the UK) must charge you VAT at the local VAT rate for your country.

As UK resident VAT registered businesses must charge VAT to all other UK resident businesses you may wish reclaim VAT charged by LiquidSonics Ltd from HMRC via your VAT return. Unfortunately it cannot be excluded from your order at the time of sale. You will be provided with an invoice with the LiquidSonics Ltd VAT number and your VAT number printed on it for this purpose if you provided it during check-out.

Upgrades are processed using the tools on this page through the use of store coupon codes.

Discounts for students and teachers (30% off) are available, including bulk purchase discounts for education departments and institutions. Please contact support for more details about how to provide proof of enrolment or employment (you will typically be asked for a scan of an ID card or whatever other evidence you may have to hand).

If you are able to make email contact from a verifiable education institution email address (for instance a .edu or this will speed up the application and no additional ID will be requested.

iLok Licenses (Seventh Heaven)

Full licenses (i.e. not NFRs) can be transferred to other user accounts via iLok License Manager (Pace may charge you a fee for this service).

License Files (Reverberate, Filtrate)

A license transfer facility is not available as it is not possible to revoke license files issued to individuals.

iLok Licenses

Two iLok authorisations are provided per auth code delivered. These can be used on different physical iLoks in the same account.

License Files

Licenses are provided on a named individual basis, and are intended to be used only by that individual at any one time.

For example, in a studio with one engineer and two workstations where both are being used at the same time, only one license is required. In a studio with two machines and two engineers both using the licenses at one time, two licenses are required.

For home users wanting to install on a laptop and one on a workstation, only one license is required. In an educational institution where an instructor is showing an entire class how to use a product, one license is required for every active workstation as the students each count as one dynamic user.

LiquidSonics is registered in the UK as LiquidSonics Ltd, registration number 09142162. The registered office is Top Floor, Claridon House, London Road, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 0JU. The VAT is number GB 200 6688 29.

The iLok copy protection scheme has been selected for use in Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional in an attempt to reduce the impact of piracy and to improve LiquidSonics’ ability to support customer requests for refunds and license transfers. We acknowledge that some customers with a preference for license file based copy protection approaches may be concerned about the future of their current license file based product authorisations given the use of iLok on the newer products.

All users of products using license file based authorisation will continue to be able to do so for the lifetime of those products.

There are no plans to introduce iLok as the sole licensing method for Filtrate, Reverberate Core or Reverberate 2 (although iLok may be offered as an additional licensing option in future for those products if there is sufficient demand for it).

The copy protection method selected for future unannounced LiquidSonics products is yet to be determined.

The physical iLok dongle based copy protection system is reputed to be more robust than the computer resident licensing technology. Until this situation changes Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional will only support hardware iLok 2 or iLok 3 based authorisation locations.

Two authorisations are provided with each purchase of an iLok protected product to minimise disruption in scenarios such as leaving an iLok at work and needing to continue using your licenses in another location, or those that frequently work on a laptop and a workstation and do not wish to be moving iLok devices between computers regularly.

LiquidSonics Fusion-IR technology plays a key role in Slate Digital’s VerbSuite Classics. The plug-in itself was developed by Slate Digital exclusively for Slate Digital’s customers and can only be purchased from their store or via their retail partners.

Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional

For iLok authorised demos the published code can be redeemed twice, so if you have only demoed it once then just reuse the same iLok License Manager code.

If you require a further extension you may do so for 7 days using these iLok codes:

Seventh Heaven: 9231-8621-1955-0022-2043-4085-4483-91
Seventh Heaven Professional: 5291-4179-4860-3757-4537-3323-7425-62


If you require a further extension you may do so for 7 days using this iLok code:


Reverberate 2, Reverberate Core and Filtrate

For license file based products we can issue timed demo license files on request.

Illusion supports local, iLok dongle 2/3 and cloud authorisations as of version 1.1.

Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional support iLok Cloud as of version v1.3 for licenses purchased from 8 December 2018. There is no plan for it to support iLok computer authorisations.

Due to a low volume of sales it has become infeasible to continue development of Mobile Convolution as the iOS development landscape (in terms of the OS and supporting Audiobus toolkits) continues to evolve rapidly. A decision has been taken to dedicate resources to the desktop plug-ins going forwards. Those with a license can re-download Mobile Convolution from the App Store purchase history at any time.