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Answers to commonly asked questions can be found below, please check for potential solutions before contacting support.


I Cannot Access Lustrous Plates or VerbSuite Classics via All Access Pass

All Access Pass customers can access Lustrous Plates and VerbSuite Classics, but if you are having difficulty with this please contact Slate Digital support as LiquidSonics is unable to view your account. Slate Digital support has full access to your account and can assist you.

For questions related to downloads of Fusion-IR files for use in Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics use the form on the contact page. For all other questions including installation procedures and issues/use of Slate Digital products please contact Slate Digital support directly.

Installer fails on macOS

If you receive an error when installing a plug-in on macOS with the message “The installation failed. The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.” please move the installer to your desktop and run from there.

Please note that even if you believe you have done this, some cloud sync tools such as Dropbox may be mirroring your user area to another folder and this can cause problems. For example if you downloaded the file to your user Music area (/Users/<you>/Music), the file may actually be located in another folder such as /Users/<you>/Library/CloudStorage/Dropbox/Mac/Music/Seventh_Heaven-macOS.pkg which can cause installation problems due to security provisions within some versions of macOS. To resolve this you may need to temporarily disable cloud sync for the folder or find another folder in your user area that is not being synced.

If you continue to experience problems please run through to the point of error, and in the macOS menu bar at the top of the screen click “Window” / “Installer Log”, and copy the log into a support message for further investigation.

Plug-ins not shown in Ableton Live despite activation

Sometimes iLok Cloud plug-ins fail an initial scan in Live and are blacklisted.

If you are using iLok Cloud and your plug-ins are not being registered by Ableton Live, please ensure you have logged out / back in to iLok Cloud from iLok License Manager.

First then a deep rescanning of the plugins on your system. Go to Live’s preferences, Plug-ins, then click the rescan button while holding the ALT key on your keyboard. If this does not work, next go to Live’s preferences and switch off the VST folders, then switch them on again. This will force a deep rescan of all plug-ins and usually will resolve the problem. Simply instructing Live to do a rescan will usually not resolve the issue.

If this does not work, please verify the activation using another host (e.g. Reaper) and once it has opened in this host re-run the steps above for Live.

Plug-in Has Missing Channel Widths In Pro Tools

If Pro Tools has missed some of the plug-in’s channel capabilities, forcing the DAW to undertake a re-scan of the plug-in may help.

Please delete the LiquidSonics plug-ins (details on how to do this are included in the knowledge base), and then remove the Pro Tools plug-in scan cache; depending on your version of Pro Tools…

Pro Tools 2023.12 and above: You can do this by visiting “C:\Users\Public\Pro Tools\AAXPlugInCache” on Windows and “/Users/Shared/Pro Tools/AAXPlugInCache” on macOS, locating the relevant plug-in scan cache file (e.g. named “Seventh Heaven.aaxplugin.plugincache” for Seventh Heaven).

Pro Tools before 2023.12: Visit “C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Avid\Pro Tools\” on Windows or “~/Library/Preferences/Avid/Pro Tools/” on macOS and delete the InstalledAAXPlugIns file.

Finally re-install the plug-in and load Pro Tools again.

Pro Tools Scan Failures

In cases where Pro Tools has failed to scan a LiquidSonics plug-in it may report that the plug-in is not a 64-bit AAX plug-in.

Please delete the LiquidSonics plug-ins (details on how to do this are included in the knowledge base), and then remove the Pro Tools plug-in scan cache; depending on your version of Pro Tools…

Pro Tools 2023.12 and above: You can do this by visiting “C:\Users\Public\Pro Tools\AAXPlugInCache” on Windows and “/Users/Shared/Pro Tools/AAXPlugInCache” on macOS, locating the relevant plug-in scan cache file (e.g. named “Seventh Heaven.aaxplugin.plugincache” for Seventh Heaven).

Pro Tools before 2023.12: Visit “C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Avid\Pro Tools\” on Windows or “~/Library/Preferences/Avid/Pro Tools/” on macOS and delete the InstalledAAXPlugIns file.

Next ensure your plug-in is properly licensed via the iLok License Manager. Finally re-install the plug-in and load Pro Tools again.

State recall error in Seventh Heaven

Please install the v1.3.3 or above update for the plug-ins.

If you continue to have trouble with a state recall issue on some sessions, please remove the plug-in from the session and replace with a fresh copy and reproduce the setting you were previously using. If after doing this you still have the problem, please contact support for further steps that can be taken to mitigate the issue.

Support for iLok Cloud And iLok machine activation of in-service Seventh Heaven licenses

Licenses for Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professional purchased on or after 8 December 2018 support iLok Cloud and iLok machine activation. Licenses bought before this date do not.

If you have the original license type that does not support modern license locations and would like to swap it for one that does please read this migration guide thoroughly. There is no charge for a license swap, but some work on your side is necessary to complete the process successfully.

While it would have been possible to upgrade all in-service licenses to support iLok Cloud automatically (as was done with Illusion) this has not been done because there are specific user data (personal preset and DAW save) migration steps that Seventh Heaven users must perform before moving a license to iLok Cloud as discussed in the migration guide.

Since late June 2021 all cloud-capable licenses can also support iLok machine activations but require plug-in versions v1.3.4 or above.

How do I remove LiquidSonics or Reverb Foundry products from a Mac or PC?


On PC the Windows control panel’s software uninstall facility will contain references to remove the installed products.


On macOS you may download the uninstall tools for LiquidSonics or Reverb Foundry products, or remove the files manually.

For a manual deletion, remove the LiquidSonics plugins that you would like to uninstall from:

/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins

Also delete settings and content for the relevant plugins from:

/Users/<YOUR USER NAME>/Library/Application Support/LiquidSonics
/Library/Application Support/LiquidSonics
/Library/Application Support/Reverb Foundry

You may also find Impulse Response content for Reverberate or VerbSuite Classics in:

/Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/LiquidSonics

Can I use the Bricasti M7 captures for free without purchasing a Fusion-IR compatible convolver?

Some of the static multi-samples distributed by LiquidSonics are available so they can be loaded freely by end-users in other convolution products.

The LiquidSonics Fusion-IRs for the Bricasti M7 are a freely available resource provided by LiquidSonics for use in convolution plugins supporting Fusion-IR. The copyright vested in these captures rests with Bricasti. Fusion-IR is a proprietary LiquidSonics technology. This zip archive contains the raw true stereo impulse response captures from which the Fusion-IR samples were created so that they can be used freely in other free or commercial convolution products without a need to purchase a Fusion-IR compatible convolution plugin.

These IRs represent the captures taken for Reverberate 2 (and subsequently used in Reverberate 3 and VerbSuite Classics) as per our agreement with Bricasti.

Permission to disseminate or distribute these captures further must be acquired from Bricasti.

We do not share the full captures for Seventh Heaven which were made in a later capture run using a refinement of the original approach due to the broader scope of the Seventh Heaven product, as per a subsequent agreement with Bricasti.

I cannot select a LiquidSonics plugin within Logic Pro despite a successful scan

Please ensure you have successfully activated your license, and then have Logic Pro re-examine the audio unit plug-ins available to it – from a terminal type:

sudo killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar
rm ~/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/
rm ~/Library/Caches/
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
The first will require a password to be entered.

Surround plugins in Logic Pro are not receiving audio on the correct channel

Please update to the latest version of Logic Pro and the plug-ins, close Logic (if it is open) and from a terminal type:

sudo killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar
rm ~/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/
rm ~/Library/Caches/
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
The first will require a password to be entered.

LiquidSonics Plug-ins And Apple Silicon Macs

LiquidSonics plug-ins are compatible with Apple Macs with M1 processors natively and via Rosetta.

A small number of M1 users have found that the standard edition of Seventh Heaven is scanning successfully but not being shown in the usual plug-in selection menus. Please update to Logic 10.6.3 or higher, visit the Logic Plug-in Manager from the Preferences menu, then click “Full Audio Unit Reset”.

If you have an older version of Logic we have found the problem can often be resolved by typing the following commands (one line at a time) into a terminal:

sudo killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar
rm ~/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/
rm ~/Library/Preferences/

A terminal can be accessed from Applications / Utilities / Terminal. The first command will require a password to be entered.

These should force a deep rescan of all Audio Units on the host and reset Logic’s internal records about plug-in capabilities, after this the plug-in is usually then available for selection.

I cannot connect to my M7 from M7 Link

1. Ensure you are running M7 firmware v2 or above, M7 Link will not work with v1 firmware. You can upgrade your firmware by contacting Bricasti to obtain the new firmware chip.

2. Please verify your M7 and MIDI setup is fully operational with a system dump/recall via your host. Set up your host to receive MIDI data from M7 and then initiate a program dump (see the M7 v2 manual addendum here for details on how to send a program from M7 to your host). Then change the program on your M7, and play back the dump. If your M7 does not flash the tap light and change back to the program you dumped it can indicate a connection problem and so you may need to determine if your MIDI device, MIDI setup or other system issues are the root cause of the issue rather than M7 Link because M7 Link sends and receives data in a very similar format.

I am having trouble restoring a Pro Tools session containing M7 Link

We have found some sessions saved by users using Avid HDX hardware can have trouble recalling sessions containing M7 Link due to a lock-up conflict with MIDI input port creation. If this affects you, please:

  1. Update M7 Link to v1.0.6 or above
  2. Physically disconnect any MIDI devices that may be set as the default device in M7 Link
  3. Create a new session
  4. Add M7 Link to it
  5. In M7 Link’s Advanced settings, disable MIDI Input
  6. Close the session (no need to save)
  7. Reconnect MIDI hardware
  8. Try the session giving you trouble again

If you cannot get M7 Link to load at all:

  1. Update M7 Link to v1.0.6 or above
  2. Please open the following file in a text editor:
    /Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/Reverb Foundry/M7 Link/Settings.xml
    (You can get to the User’s Library folder by holding Alt in a Finder window when the Go menu is open.)
  3. Change the line: <enable_midi_inputs value=”true“/> to <enable_midi_inputs value=”false“/>
  4. Change the line if it contains a MIDI device to: <default_midi_device value=”-1“/>
  5. If any lines are not present you can add them at some point between the <Settings> … and … </Settings> tags
  6. Save the text file
  7. Try to load the session again

If you continue to experience trouble please contact support.

Pro Tools is not showing all surround track widths or claims plug-ins are not valid

You will need to do one of the following to force Pro Tools to re-scan the plug-ins.

1. Trash your Pro Tools preferences, for assistance refer to this article.


2. Delete the plug-ins in question manually, load and quit Pro Tools, re-install the plugins.


3. On macOS you can run a touch command on the plug-ins, from a terminal type:

sudo touch '/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/Cinematic Rooms.aaxplugin'

replacing the name of the plug-in as necessary. You will need to enter your user password when prompted. Perform this for all affected plug-ins.

Customer Services, Licensing and Sales

How can I stay up to date with LiquidSonics news?

News and other smaller announcements are typically posted on to the LiquidSonics Facebook site or sign up to emails below.

To subscribe click this link.

To unsubscribe follow this link.

Can I combine multiple store coupons?

If you have multiple store or loyalty coupons, these can be combined by stacking.

As is standard in retail, multiple discount coupons are applied sequentially. The price of the first reduces the price by a certain amount, then the second coupon reduces that price by a percentage, and so on until all coupons are used up. We refer to this as coupon stacking.

Suppose you own a 20% and a 10% discount coupon and the product costs $100. The combined (stacked) rate is a 28% discount.

Coupon 1: 20% off, pay 80% of price ($100 – $20 = $80 to pay)

Coupon 2: 10% off, pay 90% of the reduced price ($80 – $8 = $72 to pay)

Combine coupons: Apply 80% then 90% for 72% serial rate (0.8 * 0.9 = 0.72)

The order that you put coupons into the store does not matter to the final price (multiplication is commutative, 2 * 10 = 10 * 2 = 20).

You may notice in store that a proportion of your discount rate is shown next to each coupon that now reflects a proportion of the stacked rate.

My demo expired and I would like to re-demo

Demo extension codes are available on the LiquidSonics demos page. Open the panel at the bottom of the page.

Can I Upgrade Seventh Heaven to Seventh Heaven Professional?

Licensing approach

Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professionally identify to the DAW as separate plug-ins. This is because many users enjoy using both plug-ins at different moments in their workflow. Hence Seventh Heaven and Seventh Heaven Professionally are sold individually, or as part of the Seventh Heaven with Professional Bundle for users that would like to use both.

Given their ability to be run side-by-side, Seventh Heaven users wishing to move up to Seventh Heaven Professional will require both plug-ins to be able to recall sessions that were saved with Seventh Heaven in them – Seventh Heaven Professional cannot step in and pick up these old sessions.

If you would like to upgrade to the bundle

  1. If you own Seventh Heaven and want to own Seventh Heaven Professional as well, you can use your 5% store loyalty discount coupon so that you can move to the bundle for a nearly equivalent price.
  2. If you own Seventh Heaven Professional and want to own Seventh Heaven as well, you can use your 25% store loyalty discount coupon so that you can move to the bundle for a nearly equivalent price.

If you would like to surrender Seventh Heaven and move to Seventh Heaven Professional

If you would like to move from standard to professional and accept the limitation that you will lose the ability to fully recall sessions with the standard in it you may purchase a Seventh Heaven Professional license code for the price differential. This will require you surrendering a Seventh Heaven license during activation.

If you proceed with this option, please run through your old sessions in advance and make a note of the settings you have used in Seventh Heaven so that you will be able to reproduce them in Seventh Heaven Professional.

If you need to run Seventh Heaven standard as well as professional concurrently for a limited time to facilitate a manual migration of DAW saves into professional please consider using a demo license of standard (if you already used a 14-day demo, you can get a 7-day demo extension from elsewhere on this page).

To add the surrender upgrade to your basket click this link.


Some may consider that the standard should simply be accessible to those buying the professional, a reasonable position, but we must stick by the historical decisions to sell both in a bundle as to change the licensing pricing scheme now would be very unfair on those that have bought the bundle over the years and supported the product from the outset.

Do you offer customer loyalty discounting?

Yes, please visit this page for your coupons.

Any coupons acquired via the equivalent Reverb Foundry scheme may also be used at the same time.

Unfortunately these coupons cannot be used with any of our resellers so you will be required to purchase directly if you wish to take advantage of the scheme.

Are educational discounts available?

Please visit the Education Discount Programme page for more details here.

What is the difference between Seventh Heaven and Reverberate 2/3 with Fusion-IR captures?

It’s a commonly asked question, so just take a new moments to read this blog post about the differences between the products and techniques at play.

I am VAT registered in the EU. How can I purchase without paying VAT?

If you are an EU (excluding UK) resident business with a valid VAT number you may enter your VAT number during check-out and the corresponding VAT will be removed from your order total. You will be provided with an invoice including the LiquidSonics Ltd VAT number and your VAT number for your records.

If you are an EU/UK resident consumer or a UK resident business (with or without a VAT number) then LiquidSonics Ltd (which is registered in the UK) must charge you VAT at the local VAT rate for your country.

As UK resident VAT registered businesses must charge VAT to all other UK resident businesses you may wish reclaim VAT charged by LiquidSonics Ltd from HMRC via your VAT return. Unfortunately it cannot be excluded from your order at the time of sale. You will be provided with an invoice with the LiquidSonics Ltd VAT number and your VAT number printed on it for this purpose if you provided it during check-out.

Can I transfer my licenses to another individual?

iLok Licenses (including Seventh Heaven, Illusion, Lustrous Plates, Cinematic Rooms, Reverberate 3)

Full licenses (i.e. not NFRs) can be transferred to other user accounts via iLok License Manager.

Pace will typically charge you a fee of $30 for this service (this is subject to change as per Pace’s policies on license transfers) and may be subject to a cool-off period before a license is eligible for transfer (both of which are outside of our control).

Due to GDPR restrictions please advise the buyer that they will need to manually sign up to product newsletters if they wish to remain up to date with news about their purchase.

License Files (Reverberate 1/2, Reverberate Core, Filtrate)

These products are discontinued so we no longer support license transfers for them.

Do I need more than one license in a specific situation?

iLok Licenses

Two iLok activations are provided per license code delivered. These can be used on different physical iLoks registered to the same account.

License Files

Licenses are provided on a named individual basis, and are intended to be used only by that individual at any one time.

For example, in a studio with one engineer and two workstations where both are being used at the same time, only one license is required. In a studio with two machines and two engineers both using the licenses at one time, two licenses are required.

For home users wanting to install on a laptop and one on a workstation, only one license is required. In an educational institution where an instructor is showing an entire class how to use a product, one license is required for every active workstation as the students each count as one dynamic user.

What are your company registration and VAT details?

LiquidSonics is registered in the UK as LiquidSonics Ltd, registration number 09142162. The registered office is Top Floor, Claridon House, London Road, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 0JU.

Following the Brexit transition we now have two VAT numbers. Our UK VAT is number GB 200 6688 29 and our EU VAT number is EU 372 0261 91.

What iLok license locations are supported?

All in-service LiquidSonics products support iLok 2 (USB), iLok 3 (USB and USB-C), iLok Cloud and iLok machine activation locations.

Seventh Heaven was the final product to be upgraded to support all license locations. We completed this migration in June 2021 so now all LiquidSonics products can be activated locally to the machine, to iLok USB 2/3, or via the cloud (which requires a persistent connection).

Discontinued products (Reverberate 2 and older and Filtrate) use license files which are no longer issued or supported.

Updates on Mobile Convolution

Due to a low volume of sales it has become infeasible to continue development of Mobile Convolution as the iOS development landscape (in terms of the OS and supporting Audiobus toolkits) continues to evolve rapidly. A decision has been taken to dedicate resources to the desktop plug-ins going forwards. Those with a license can re-download Mobile Convolution from the App Store purchase history at any time but no further compatibility or bug resolution updates will be forthcoming.

What is your refund policy?

You may request a full refund for any reason within 30 days of your purchase.

Access to your product will be revoked following a refund request via the iLok licensing system.

Do you have any officially recognised dealers?

LiquidSonics has a direct sales model in most parts of the world, but works with a network of resellers in Asia. In China we are represented by Feilaiyin Computer Music Technology (Beijing), in South Korea we are represented by Gearlounge and in Japan we are represented by Hookup Inc.

What is the link with Reverb Foundry?

LiquidSonics and Reverb Foundry are both privately held businesses with same owner. LiquidSonics acts as the primary distribution and sales agent of Reverb Foundry plug-ins.