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Education Discount Programme

LiquidSonics is happy to help educators and students! We have a 30% discount programme for eligible applicants and you may apply to the programme if:

  • You are a teacher that is currently teaching at a physical school, university or college
  • You are a student enrolled to study at a physical school, university or college
  • You are currently enrolled on an online course that can be verified by web address and which provides a certificate of enrolment

How Do I Apply?

The application process is as follows:

  1. Please complete the form below
  2. You will receive a confirmation email (form submission), this is just for your records
  3. We will run your email address past a database of pre-approved domains and institutions, and you will receive one of the following emails:
    1. Application approved – if your email is approved (e.g. it ends in .edu,, etc) you will receive the discount code straight away
    2. Request for documents – if your email is not in the pre-approved database, you will receive an email requesting additional documents to support the application
  4. If you need to send any additional documentation please attach them by reply – these will be checked manually so please allow a few days for review

The following supporting documents are eligible:

  • Letter confirming employment
  • Letter confirming enrolment
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Valid student identification clearly showing date of validity and institution
  • Payslip (please block out personal information such as tax numbers, salary, etc for your privacy)
  • Verification of online course attendance via email or social media by the course administrator from a recognisable course account

If you do not receive the confirmation email or follow-up email, and have checked your spam folders, please contact us via the support page.

If you are applying from mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan please contact your local representative Feilaiyin.

How Do I Get And Use The Discount?

A successful applicant will receive a store code that can be used for any purchases associated with the email address you apply from.

You may continue to use any software that you bought at a discount after you have finished your studies or moved to another employer.