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Monterey, Logic 10.7 and Apple Silicon Compatibility Statement

By 21st October 2021October 25th, 2021No Comments

With a new version of macOS and new Apple Silicon machines just around the corner, and a new version of Logic Pro released this week, many of our customers that use Macs will want to know how these changes affect them. Read on for more details.

macOS Monterey

Throughout the beta of the new macOS Monterey we have been testing compatibility with all of the in-service LiquidSonics plug-ins. We have found compatibility to be generally good, but need to make you aware of two issues that have been uncovered. If you find any other issues please let us know via the support contact form.

Lustrous Plates

The v1.0.0 release of Lustrous Plates is not compatible with macOS Monterey due to the use of some older protection framework elements. Please update to the recently released v1.1.0 or higher build which has been tested thoroughly within Monterey.

You can simply download and install over the top of your existing installation. Even if you are using Windows or do not plan to update to Monterey soon, the v1.1 update includes 3 new plate models, extra presets and bug fixes so it is well worth installing this free update.

You must update the iLok License Manager to at least version 5.4.0 to use this update, visit for the latest version of their application.

Lustrous Plates plug-in downloads: Windows | macOS

Garage Band Users (Intel Macs)

We have found there to be compatibility problems loading plug-ins using Pace iLok protection on Intel Macs in Garage Band running on the release candidate of macOS Monterey. If you rely on any Pace protected plug-ins it is advisable to check the status of Monterey compatibility before undertaking the upgrade.

If you are using any LiquidSonics reverbs in Garage Band on an Intel Mac we would not recommend updating to Monterey at this time. We will seek to update all of our plug-ins if a solution requiring developer intervention is presented by either Pace or Apple, although we hope that a future update of Monterey will resolve the problem.

Users of Macs with Apple Silicon processors do not appear to be affected.

Logic 10.7

This week Apple released Logic Pro 10.7, there are two issues to let you know about.

On Intel Macs we found that Seventh Heaven (standard edition not professional), Illusion and Cinematic Rooms (both editions) have a problem with some interface elements including filter graphic handles and the decay time value in Seventh Heaven. The problem manifests as ‘sticky’ elements where responsiveness to user input is slower than usual. A hot-fix has been issued for Seventh Heaven (v1.3.5) and Illusion (v1.2.2) to resolve those issues (updates are available now from the downloads page).

The fix is present in the recently released Cinematic Rooms v1.1. This update also address the channel order incompatibility found with Logic 10.7, and extends channel count support in Logic 10.7 to 7.1.2 and 7.1.4; 5.1.2 and 5.1.4 will not be supported by the plug-in in the short term but we don’t consider this a serious concern as those formats are unavailable for use with Spatial Audio in Logic due to the Atmos bed requirements.

Apple Silicon Transition

Native support for Apple Silicon remains a high priority, but in the last year not much visible progress has been made in this area. Despite some developers using Pace protection having all the tools they need to support Apple Silicon, we still are waiting on further updates to the Pace protection libraries before being able to continue the job and enter a beta phase.

This has created some understandable confusion as to the state of Pace’s protection capabilities for Apple Silicon plug-ins. To learn more and keep up to date with progress you can check this blog post at any time, which will continue to be updated as the situation evolves.