Fusion-IRs for Reverberate 2

Two Fusion-IR packs are available for Reverberate 2, one with all presets from the Bricasti M7 and Factory Set 1 taken from a range of modern and classic reverbs. Both are made available free of charge.


The Bricasti M7 is a highly prized true stereo reverb processor, widely considered to contain some of the best synthetic reverb algorithms to date, and has been captured for multiple impulse response packs freely available online. Commonly only the first bank of algorithms are available (the version 1 algorithm), although a newer second generation algorithm is available that features a higher degree of modulation. Both have been captured for the LiquidSonics M7 Fusion-IR preset pack.

Due to the nature of the various sources of modulation within the M7 algorithms, the commonly used reverb impulse response sampling approach (typically swept-sine) has the effect of averaging away all of the modulation that is key to much of the character of the M7. This is suitable for a static convolution processor, but the Fusion-IR sampling and processing approach takes multiple snapshots in time of the device and processes them concurrently so is able to much more closely reproduce the character of the original device as it varies over time.

Windows Installers

LiquidSonics ServerAmazon S3 Server
M7 Ambiences44 kHz / 96 kHz44 kHz / 96 kHz
M7 Chambers44 kHz / 96 kHz44 kHz / 96 kHz
M7 Halls44 kHz / 96 kHz44 kHz / 96 kHz
M7 Nonlin44 kHz / 96 kHz44 kHz / 96 kHz
M7 Plates44 kHz / 96 kHz44 kHz / 96 kHz
M7 Rooms44 kHz / 96 kHz44 kHz / 96 kHz
M7 Spaces44 kHz / 96 kHz44 kHz / 96 kHz

macOS Installers

LiquidSonics ServerAmazon S3 Server
M7 (All Fusion-IRs)44 kHz / 96 kHz44 kHz / 96 kHz Part 1, Part 2

A new impulse response pack from LiquidSonics – Factory Set 1 (FS-1) provides a highly musical set of Fusion-IRs taking advantage of the new modulated processing capabilities within Reverberate 2.

Windows Installers

FS-1 Chambers44 kHz / 96 kHz
FS-1 Halls44 kHz / 96 kHz
FS-1 Plates44 kHz / 96 kHz
FS-1 Rooms44 kHz / 96 kHz

macOS Installers

FS-1 (All Fusion-IRs)44 kHz / 96 kHz

Installation Instructions

You may download Fusion-IR installers for Windows or OS X. Once you have downloaded and installed the Fusion-IR files they will be available for use in Reverberate via the saved banks menus (see below).

Reverberate 2 resamples Fusion-IRs up or down to the correct rate for your project, but you should choose a sample rate format at least as high as the rate you are using in your DAW (if you are planning to use these files now or in future projects above 44 kHz, use the 96 kHz files).

Install Reverberate and then run the Fusion-IR installer(s) for the files you wish to install.

The installer will guide you through installation of the AAX and VST presets, and allow you to select your preferred installation folder for the Fusion-IR files (which may be on a different disk to the Reverberate installation). It is recommended not to store the files on a networked drive to improve performance.

Install Reverberate before attempting to install the Fusion-IR files.

Using the installer drag the Fusion-IR files to the folder to the right or to a location on your Mac of your choosing. Install the Audio Unit, VST and/or AAX presets/bank files using the installer provided.

An example is shown below. In step 1, click and drag the FS-1 FIR8-44k folder and drop it on to the /Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/LiquidSonics folder alias to copy the files to disk. In step 2, double click the installer and then select the preset formats you require when prompted.

Fusion-IR Installation

If you choose to install the Fusion-IR files on Mac to a different folder than the default then Reverberate will ask for for the location of the files when loading a bank (it should remember this location on subsequent loads). You may also wish to configure a recursive search path (see the User Guide) to avoid such prompts.

Fusion-IR Preset Usage

Instructions for accessing the Fusion-IR presets is given for AAX and VST/AU hosts.

Once the Fusion-IRs and presets have been installed select them from the Pro Tools plugin preset menu.

Once the Fusion-IRs and presets have been installed select a bank from the preset selection menu (when collapsed) or from the “Saved Banks” menu (highlighted below).