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Reverberate 2.0 Release

By 30th October 2015February 5th, 2023No Comments
Reverberate Cropped IR

We’re proud to announce the availability of Reverberate 2.0, featuring our most innovative reverb technology to date, Fusion-IR.

Reverberate Cropped IR

Since its original launch in 2009 Reverberate has become a staple in project and professional studios worldwide, known for its powerful modulation capabilities bringing true stereo impulse responses to life.

Today, Reverberate 2 introduces Fusion-IRs, an innovative approach to convolution creating a lively, organic reverberation that is impossible to achieve with traditional static convolution reverbs.

Fusion-IR processing captures the evolving character of an algorithmic reverb using multiple true-stereo reverb streams that are processed simultaneously. The inputs to the convolution streams are modulated and the outputs fused into a rich, captivating space that mixes effortlessly with your music without sacrificing the editing precision, visual feedback and flexibility of a convolution based product.

All Fusion-IRs contain separately sampled early and late reverb components for a level of mix control rarely found in free or commercial impulse response packs.

LiquidSonics has produced a stunning new Bricasti M7 Fusion-IR library, meticulously captured specifically for Reverberate 2.0 and provided for download free of charge.

Reverberate 2.0 is available for VST, AU and AAX formats priced at £80.

Existing Reverberate users can upgrade for just £35.