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Are You Sure You Don’t Need An Atmos Reverb?

By 27th February 2024No Comments

Even if you don’t mix in Atmos right now, it’s an increasingly important topic that is well worth thinking about today.

There’s a good chance that mix you’re working on right now is in stereo, so a two channel reverb is going to do a great job for you but have you thought about how future-proof a stereo mix is?

With Apple recently announcing that they will be paying higher royalties for Atmos mixes there are real financial incentives to take it seriously. Or if your music gets picked up for a TV or movie placements, it makes sense to be thinking about surround-capable tools now so that your track is heard the way you want it to be heard. Atmos is even relevant to audiobooks on Audible! Whoever saw those needing to consider vocal placement in a convincing room using an immersive reverb?

If there’s a call to provide an Atmos mix it’ll probably need to be turned around quickly. You, or an engineer contracted to up-mix your track, can get away using multi-mono or multiple stereo instances of dynamics, EQs and many other types of processors in a surround mix – but reverb is different. It’s the main tool in our armoury for convincingly propagating sound around the space to create a cohesive and natural sounding surround mix, so using multiple stereo reverbs often just won’t cut it.

Reverbs can be fairly tricky to match when up-mixing from stereo to surround so the original artistic vision can be difficult to accommodate without access to a surround version of the same reverb. Equally important is how they behave when down-mixed from surround to stereo. For the best possible translation of artist intent using a reverb that supports Atmos from the very beginning is by far the best long-term choice creatively and technically.

So whether you need a convincing room, faithful M7 reproduction, heritage vintage digital, versatile plate or luscious ensemble reverb that will scale from stereo to surround LiquidSonics has got you covered.

"LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms is really a 'Next Level' surround reverb. There's so much density and depth! It’s also amazing in stereo on my record projects. Guaranteed part of my mix template now."

Alan MeyersonScore Mixer - Dunkirk, The Lion King, The Greatest Showman, Inception

Try Mixing In Atmos With LiquidSonics Reverbs

LiquidSonics has a range of five surround and Atmos immersive reverbs, one of the largest selections in music and post production. Working in Atmos is becoming increasingly accessible, so it’s easier than ever to try an Atmos mix yourself with native support in DAWs such as Cubase 12 and Logic Pro.

Whether you’re working in EDM and rock where Tai Chi‘s luscious chorus can create a wonderful richness around synths and guitar, or on a classical/score mix that would benefit from Cinematic Room‘s transparency and lighter touch, we have a reverb for you.

All of the LiquidSonics reverbs are available to try for free for 14 days, just head to our demos page to drop a code into your license manager and pick up the installers from the downloads page.

If you like what you’ve seen and heard our reverbs are available in the LiquidSonics store and don’t forget that existing customers can use their loyalty discounts for some incredible stackable savings.