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LiquidSonics 15 Year Anniversary – Thankyou!

By 30th January 2024No Comments

It’s been 15 years since I launched LiquidSonics, and 20 since I wrote my first convolution reverb!

My interest in music tech comes from a need for better reverbs than I could lay my hands on when remixing EDM on a student’s budget, and the spark that started the LiquidSonics journey was back in 2004 when I first wrote a convolution reverb during my time at university. Fortunately I convinced my lecturer that producing a live simulation of the sampled acoustics taken from a local church would make a great final year project, which gave me the opportunity to learn some key DSP techniques from some very smart professors!

After graduation I explored various directions in music tech building on what I had learnt at university and re-wrote the convolution engine for commercial grade requirements, and by 2009 LiquidSonics was ready to come out of stealth mode with an experimental GPU-powered convolution reverb known as Reverberate LE (which I’m delighted to say still works on modern Windows 11 PCs). Although a little rough around the edges graphically it laid the foundations for the Fusion-IR technology which debuted in Reverberate 2, but it’s been the creations of more recent years – Seventh Heaven, Cinematic Rooms, and Tai Chi – that have helped establish LiquidSonics as a name synonymous with reverb excellence.

Thanks to the amazing people I’ve had the chance to work with behind the scenes whose contributions reverberate throughout my work, and to everyone who’s ever trusted a LiquidSonics reverb to elevate their music. Cheers to Casey from Bricasti for his generosity and unwavering support, Russ from Sociatech for his years of PR prowess, an incredible roster of artists for their industry insight, Steven Slate for super-charging the trajectory back in 2016, the talented Sasha for bringing my sketches to life visually, Antony for keeping the web store standing, an incredible bunch of testers who ensure every reverb resonates with musicians, and so many others.

I couldn’t have done it without any of you!

LiquidSonics is simply the gold standard for software reverbs. They just sit perfectly in a mix while offering all the flexibility and choices one could ever need. They’re in every mix I do.

William WittmanCyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne

Happy Birthday LiquidSonics, I love you because you’ve added tangible depth to my productions in an interface that is both intuitive and efficient.

Rik SimpsonColdplay, Jay Z, Portishead

LiquidSonics reverbs sound so good and sit in a mix so easily - they’ve been on every mix I’ve done since the first day I tried Seventh Heaven.

Dom MorleyAdele, Amy Winehouse, Sting

LiquidSonics have taken everything we love from the world of hardware and vintage reverb devices and revived them for the modern digital age - fully immersive no less!

Richard BurkiDavid Guetta, Tiésto, Afrojack

LiquidSonics excel in the exquisite. Their beautiful reverbs define class.

Stephen GallagherThe Hobbit, District 9

LiquidSonics reverbs are in every mix I do, immersive or stereo, absolutely indispensable!

Emre RamazanogluNoel Gallagher, Sia, Lily Allen

LiquidSonics make the most forward thinking high end reverbs out there - they cover every base from uber-real to classic to esoteric and every time they sit in the track effortlessly!

Dave EringaManic Street Preachers

LiquidSonics reverbs are without question THE best when it comes to creating realistic acoustic spaces and the highly desirable plates from that era of time. It’s a given in my circle that everyone owns Cinematic Rooms and Lustrous Plates.

Craig BauerKanye West, Lupe Fiasco

LiquidSonics makes some of the greatest sounding and most intuitive reverbs on the planet, I’d be lost without them!

Scott Micheal SmithThe Revenant, Ahsoka

LiquidSonics have created hardware into iconic software such as the Seventh Heaven and also brought us new classics like Cinematic Rooms. It's the plugin that is on every session I open, which is a testament to what they do and have achieved.

James TowlerSteve Winwood, Public Image

Outstanding Immersive Reverbs designed by a Brilliant Man! Congratulations Matt on your Anniversary!

Marti D. Humphrey CASThe Dub Stage, Burbank, CA

LiquidSonics are part of every mix I work on. They sit in a track with minimal effort and the quality of the reverbs is simply outstanding!

Romesh DodangodaMotorhead, Twin Atlantic

From the first time I ever used Cinematic Rooms, LiquidSonics has been an indispensable part of my arsenal. I’ve since added Seventh Heaven and Tai Chi and honestly I couldn’t be more thrilled. There are few plugins where it’s actually a joy to play around with different settings. The LiquidSonics products make that a total pleasure and it’s almost impossible to get a bad sound from them! Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary! Onwards and upwards.

Jonathan WalesLady Gaga, Jay-Z, Memento

I love LiquidSonics because they make powerful audio tools that create the natural spaces I imagine.

Alan BranchU2, Jeff Beck, Primal Scream

Amazing reverbs! Dependable and easy to use. I don’t have to think about them. I use them on every project. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Andy BradfieldWonka, Wynona Bleach, Rufus Wainwright