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Marc Jovani’s Cinematic Composing Featuring LiquidSonics Reverbs

By 18th December 2023No Comments

It’s no secret that LiquidSonics reverbs are the go-to choice for top score mixers, carving out a significant presence in the world of music mixing for movies. Now, more and more top-tier composers, including luminaries like Hans Zimmer (Inception, Blade Runner 2049, Dune) and Simon Franglen (Avatar: The Way of Water, Spectre, Titanic), are gravitating towards these reverbs for their exquisite sound and user-friendly experience. For composers, the quest for the perfect reverb is akin to a painter’s search for the right hue—it’s not just an add-on, it’s a core element of their sonic palette. LiquidSonics’ reputation for quality and ease of use is making them a favoured choice among those who shape the sound of modern film scores.

We’re therefore delighted that Marc Jonavi’s new Orchestral Templates series for Cinematic Composing features reverbs from the LiquidSonics portfolio. Our flagship score and post reverb Cinematic Rooms and Bricasti M7 reproduction Seventh Heaven are showcased in the courses loved by thousands of score composers and mixers learning their craft.

In the symphony of film scoring, where every note must fall into place like delicate brushstrokes on a canvas, LiquidSonics' Cinematic Rooms and Seventh Heaven have become as essential to me as the instruments themselves. Cinematic Rooms wraps my scores in an acoustic reality that carries the emotional narrative as much as the melodies do, giving every scene an authentic atmosphere. Seventh Heaven brings an unparalleled definition to the finer sonic details, ensuring that the most delicate percussion and the boldest brass resonate with cinematic vigor. For fellow composers in pursuit of that elusive depth that gives a score its soul, I cannot recommend LiquidSonics highly enough. Their reverbs aren’t just heard — they’re felt.

Marc JovaniCinematic Composing

Marc is the CEO of Cinematic Composing, an online educational platform offering comprehensive courses specifically designed for aspiring and professional composers in the music industry. The platform provides an array of industry-developed courses, covering a broad spectrum of topics such as theory, harmony, mastering, arranging, melody, sequencing, and orchestration, among others. These courses are designed to cater to both beginners taking their first steps in composition and seasoned professionals seeking to stay ahead in their field.

Of course anybody studying with Marc is eligible for our Education Discount Programme which offers a flat 30% rate off anything from the LiquidSonics portfolio.

Try LiquidSonics Reverbs For Yourself

Our endorsements from the composer community underscore the significance of having a reliable reverb that not only meets the technical demands of film scoring but also contributes to the emotional depth and nuance of a composition. As LiquidSonics continues to enhance the workflows of composers and mixers alike, it cements its role as an indispensable tool in the creation of awe-inspiring cinematic music. For those seeking to imbue their scores with that tangible sense of space and depth, LiquidSonics isn’t just an option — it’s becoming the choice that defines the industry’s leading edge.

For transparent music and post reverbs up to Atmos 9.1.6 nothing comes close to Cinematic Rooms. Not only does it sound wonderful, it was built from the ground up to support the modern workflow and fold down requirements of professional composers and mixers.

All of the LiquidSonics reverbs are available to try for free for 14 days, just head to our demos page to drop a code into your license manager and pick up the installers from the downloads page.