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Reverb Sidechain Ducking Tutorial

By 16th March 2024No Comments

If you want to add punch, rhythmic movement, and sonic excitement to your reverb tails this tutorial is for you!

Julian dives into the power of external sidechaining, demonstrating how to use Seventh Heaven Professional and Cinematic Rooms Professional‘s duckers to achieve incredible dynamics via your track’s reverb bus.

Learn how to make reverb pulse in time with your kick drum, duck out of the way of vocals, or respond dynamically to any audio source adding a whole new dimension to your mixes.

This technique is all about gaining extra control over how reverb sits in the mix. Whether you’re working on electronic music, cinematic scores, or experimental sound design, this video will level up your reverb mixing technique.

External sidechain capability was added in the free Seventh Heaven Professional v1.5 and Cinematic Rooms Professional v1.3 updates.

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