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macOS Sonoma Compatibility Statement

By 26th September 2023December 12th, 2023No Comments

Initial testing indicates that LiquidSonics plug-ins are compatible with macOS Sonoma.

During the macOS Sonoma beta compatibility testing was undertaken, and whilst compatibility was generally good throughout two issues were noted:

  1. Some newer plug-in builds experienced a crash when opening file dialog boxes (e.g. user preset save windows) – this has been corrected in the latest versions.
  2. A subset of DAWs experience degraded plug-in graphical smoothness (e.g. dials and metering) on Intel integrated graphics Macs, this has been mitigated to some extent by enabling plug-in drawing via the Metal graphics API in the most recent plug-in versions. Further work will continue to seek additional improvements if possible in future. Apple Silicon and AMD-based graphics Macs do not appear to be affected, and the move to Metal should improve performance further on those platforms as a beneficial side-effect of updating to the newer frameworks.

If you are planning to update to Sonoma it is recommended to use the latest plug-in versions from the downloads page (there is no need to remove software first, just install over the top and it will replace the old version).

Update 1: 10 November 2023

Whilst LiquidSonics plug-ins are compatible with Sonoma, we have been made aware of a compatibility issue with the first two macOS Sonoma 14.2 betas when loading Audio Units into Logic Pro or the system validation tool auval.

The problem affects a number of iLok protected plug-ins from different vendors so we would advise Audio Units users to avoid the current macOS beta releases until the problem has been resolved if you rely on these plug-ins.

We anticipate this issue will be addressed without the need for plug-in updates. Further communications will be made if the final release of 14.2 exhibits this or similar problems.

Update 2: 12 December 2023

Following further adjustments to the macOS 14.2 Beta by Apple, we are pleased to report that the final version of this update does not exhibit any compatibility regressions. Thanks to Pace and LiquidSonics users for their assistance investigating these matters.