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Pro Tools AAX Universal Binaries for Apple Silicon

By 2nd November 2022No Comments

Following a report from Pro Tools Expert that some beta testers for Avid are now in possession of early preview releases of Pro Tools compiled natively for Apple Silicon, we are now receiving requests from users asking for suitable AAX universal binaries for LiquidSonics reverb plug-ins in preparation for this testing phase.

Ever since the first Apple Silicon native releases were published all LiquidSonics and Reverb Foundry products have contained Apple Silicon and Intel x64 universal binaries suitable for use in VST 2, VST3, AU and AAX hosts. If you require these binaries simply ensure you are running the latest versions of the plug-ins as published on the downloads page.

Any Apple Silicon compatible Pro Tools developer builds provided to LiquidSonics are of course subject to the usual internal testing procedures. Updates will be provided to correct any issues found in the plug-ins if necessary. Of course such host software is provided by Avid under NDA so it is not possible to provide public commentary on this process before they complete their transition process.

If you encounter any issues please report them via the support page for investigation.