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Cinematic Rooms v1.0.1 Updates

By 25th June 2020February 5th, 2023No Comments

Thank you to everybody that has picked up a copy of Cinematic Rooms, and especially to those that have been helping throughout beta and its early life to find a few little bugs. The first point release is now available which you can now download from the Cinematic Rooms product page.

Changes of note in this release include:

  • Fix for a channel ordering bug affecting Logic X (5.1 and 7.1)
  • Introduction of a mono-mono channel mode where supported
  • Introduction of a third auxiliary output for use in Pro Tools as 7.x -> 7.x.6
  • Fix for an audio glitch in FL Studio
  • LFE passthrough level fix
  • Mono-to-X modes now default to hard centre where possible rather than phantom centre
  • Mono-to-X modes include the option to select phantom centre if required
  • Fix for a reflection pattern crossfeed bug on the centre channel
  • Reduced time to open pro edition interface

The new version is available for the standard and professional editions. Please download the new installers and install the updates versions right over the top of your existing installation (there is no need to remove the old version first, and no special updater is needed).

Standard: Windows | macOS
Professional: Windows | macOS