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Sonoma 14.4 Compatibility Advisory Note

By 8th March 2024March 25th, 2024No Comments

Multiple reports are beginning to come in from clients about a compatibility issue with yesterday’s release of macOS 14.4 Sonoma on Apple Silicon Macs so caution is advised before upgrading to this point release.

DAWs affected appear only to be those relying on Apple’s auvaltool, so if you use Audio Units on an Apple Silicon Mac please consider deferring your update until more is known.

When the problem presents it affects multiple plug-ins protected by Pace / iLok on the same system, but not all systems are affected. None of those tested by LiquidSonics on Intel or Apple Silicon Macs have exhibited the fault with the beta or release builds of macOS 14.4 so it is not a universal issue, but it is sufficiently widespread to justify issuing an advisory note.

Contact has been made with Pace to initiate a full investigation with supporting crash log data and more information will be communicated at a future date when there is more clarity regarding a resolution.

Update 1: Pace has issued a note to acknowledge the issue and indicated that the fix will come from Apple, but they are not aware of a timeline for the fix. They propose using any DAW affected by the problem under Rosetta as a temporary workaround.

Update 2: An update to macOS 14.4.1 is now available – no developer preview was provided but we are seeing client reports that 14.4.1 has resolved the issue regarding Pace copy protection. If you are still having problems following the update please contact support so this can be investigated.