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Pro Tools Expert Video Review Seventh Heaven Reverb Plug-ins

By 4th May 2017February 5th, 2023No Comments

Thanks to Dan at Pro Tools expert for his video review of the Seventh Heaven convolution reverb plug-ins.

This is what they say;

“I’m not a big convolution reverb user as I find they can be a little rigid and uninspiring to use – that’s just me. These plug-ins though don’t feel like convolution reverbs, the response of the controls feel really snappy and I really like the way the reverb tails drift and develop – it’s really nice

I find that I prefer the “lite” version – Seventh Heaven, not Professional as the lite version is cheaper and much more straight forward and focused as a quick creative reverb tool – don’t get me wrong the Professional version is equally as great but I’m not a Bricasti M7 enthusiast – if you are then the Seventh Heaven Professional is well worth checking out.”

See the full review and watch the video here

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