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VerbSuite Classics

VerbSuite Classics is produced as a partnership between Slate Digital and LiquidSonics. It uses LiquidSonics proprietary Fusion-IR processing to capture the evolving and modulating characteristics of the modelled hardware reverb.

Slate Digital’s VerbSuite Classics is the first third party plug-in to use the Fusion-IR processing technology. It includes models of eight of the most popular professional digital reverbs from the past forty years can be accessed in a single plug-in, some of which have never been modelled before.

What makes VerbSuite sound different from other available reverbs is LiquidSonics proprietary Fusion-IR processing, which captures the actual tone of the modelled reverb for the first time.

Unlike static impulses found in typical convolution reverbs, Fusion-IR is able to reproduce the evolving character of modulating digital reverbs, making the overall tone rich, smooth and dynamic.

VerbSuite Classics is available to buy for $149 or as part of the All Access Pass from Slate Digital.

The LiquidSonics Bricasti M7 Fusion-IRs are made available as a free expansion pack directly from LiquidSonics.