LiquidSonics Artists

Music and post producers love LiquidSonics convolution reverbs. Here’s what professionals are saying about us.

“LiquidSonics make some lovely reverbs. I was looking for something to compliment my Bricasti hardware unit, and they came out with Seventh Heaven; it was a must have for me and shines. Recently I’ve been using their new release, Lustrous Plates a lot on my productions; there’s a glorious 3D quality that has been captured, it really takes me back to using real plates in the studios of yesteryear.”

Rik SimpsonColdplay, Jay Z

Simply put - this is a "Must Have" plugin, I have an M7 in my rack, and it's uncanny. This must be on the buy ASAP list, it's THAT good!

Andy BradfieldManic Street Preachers, Elbow

“The Seventh Heaven reverbs have been part of my armoury for a while now. Not only is the GUI a familiar friend but the speed at which you can change from one preset to another makes the plug-in very usable. The plates are wonderful”

Simon RhodesIron Man 2, Skyfall

"I’m a huge fan of VerbSuite Classics and use it all over my mixes."

James F ReynoldsBTS, Paloma Faith, Calvin Harris

"Seventh Heaven is easily one of the best reverbs out there on the market. Incredibly realistic and has has that illusive 3D depth you just don’t get in other software reverbs. Very impressive!"

Toby PitmanRocketman, Quantum of Solace, Kingsman 2

"Seventh Heaven is truly a milestone in digital reverb emulations. The most comprehensive and flexible interface allows for some incredible results. Simply..blown away."

Pete Boxsta Martin James Arthur, Jesse J, Alex Hepburn

Seventh Heaven is probably the highest quality reverb I have in the box. It’s my new goto for realistic studio rooms and when I’m looking for long luxurious halls and plates. I absolutely love the low end you can get from this reverb, it’s in my opinion where some other good plugin verbs fall flat. It’s a convolution reverb, but with the fantastic tweak-ability, it feels more like an algorithmic reverb, which is a huge plus. Seventh Heaven sounds just as amazing!!

Jonas WestlingLady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Rufus Wainwright

"Loving the plates in LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Pro reverb, a great M7 sound!"

Mike Dean2Pac, Nate Dogg, Beyonce, Kanye West

Reverb can be a tricky thing. Often I want it to put an instrument in a space without calling attention to itself, but sometimes I want to really notice that reverb as a thing unto itself. LiquidSonics manages to pull off the trick of doing both as required. Whether it’s a subtle sense of space around a guitar or a beautiful trail at the end of a vocal phrase, this does it all. It’s difficult and rare to find a software reverb that just sits “right” in your mix, and LiquidSonics has managed that in a way that rivals hardware.

William WittmanGrammy Award Winning Producer: Cyndi Lauper, Joan Osborne, the Hooters

"I really loved how the album 'Liquid Zen' turned out (Christel Veraart), and LiquidSonics reverb plugins played a very important role in its overall sound palette."

Peter RatnerMusic Producer