Fusion-IR Expansions for Reverberate 3

Expansion packs containing additional Fusion-IR packs are available for Reverberate 3, all are made available free of charge.

If you were looking for Fusion-IRs for VerbSuite Classics, please visit this page.

Bricasti M7

The Bricasti M7 is a highly prized true stereo reverb processor, widely considered to contain some of the best synthetic reverb algorithms to date. It has been captured for use with Reverberate 3 and is available via the M7 Fusion-IR expansion pack.

Windows downloads: M7 44.1 kHz | M7 96 kHz
macOS downloads: M7 44.1 kHz | M7 96 kHz

Heritage Series

A new collection of samples taken from legendary devices from the past featuring some wonderful Random Halls, Concert Halls and Rich Plates amongst many other classic algorithms. More are to come later in 2021.

Windows downloads: FS-91 | FS-48 | FS-24x
macOS downloads: FS-91 | FS-48FS-24x

FS-1 Set

An original impulse response pack from LiquidSonics – Factory Set 1 (FS-1) provides a highly musical set of Fusion-IRs taking advantage of the new modulated processing capabilities within Reverberate 3. Many are blends of multiple device captures for a truly unique set of reverbs.

Windows downloads: FS-1 44.1 kHz | FS-1 96 kHz
macOS downloads: FS-1 44.1 kHz | FS-1 96 kHz

Installation Instructions

Simply download the packages(s) you would like to use, and run the installers. Once you have downloaded and installed the Fusion-IR files they will be available for use in Reverberate via the preset selection menus in the top left corner of the plug-in, or from the bank browser in the lower panel.

Reverberate resamples Fusion-IRs up or down to the correct rate for your project, but in cases where 96 kHz samples are available you should choose a sample rate format at least as high as the rate you are using in your DAW (if you are planning to use these files now or in future projects above 44 kHz, use the 96 kHz files).

In Windows you will be given the opportunity to install to another location if you wish. On macOS, you can move the Fusion-IR content located in /Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/LiquidSonics to another folder, and then refer to the manual for details on providing the plug-in with the path to where you moved the content (only move the folders with FIR8 in the name).