Upgrades & Offers

Existing customers can apply for upgrades and cross-promotion discounts to use in store with other products including:

  • Seventh Heaven Professional: 25% discount coupon
  • Illusion: 22.5% discount coupon
  • Lustrous Plates: 20% discount coupon
  • Reverberate 2: 10% discount coupon
  • Seventh Heaven: 5% discount coupon

To apply for educational user discounts please contact support and prepare some evidence to support your application by reply (e.g. student/faculty ID card scan, headed letter, etc).

Cross-Product Store Coupons

If you already own some LiquidSonics products you can apply below for discounts on other products in store. If you own multiple products the coupons can generally be chained in series. A coupon is not valid for additional purchases of the same product.

Your license will be validated using your email address and any coupons sent to it.

Direct Sales (LiquidSonics Store)

You may use the email address you used during checkout, or your iLok account email address if this is no longer in use.

Indirect Sales

If you purchased a license via a partner, reseller or second hand from another user then your license can only be validated through your iLok ID’s email address, so please enter that below. It may take up to 30 days for these details to be synchronised, so if your details are not found then contact support directly with as much information about your purchase as possible.

Coupons for Reverberate 2

Discounts for Reverberate 1 Users

Users of Reverberate 1 can upgrade to Reverberate 2 with 50% off using an existing product license file.

Discounts for Reverberate Core Users

Users of Reverberate Core can upgrade to Reverberate 2 with 30% off using an existing product license file.