LiquidSonics’ Illusion is a revolutionary new reverb introducing Fusion-IR | Synthesis, a groundbreaking evolution of the industry leading Fusion-IR modulated convolution technology.

Various audio demonstrations of the power of Illusion are available below on a range of material.

Many thanks go to Peter, Ivan and Christel for their permission to use these original mixing stems from commercially released works.

Classical Piano

Excerpts from two well known classical pieces have been placed in artificial reverberant spaces with Illusion. No additional effects are used.

The Return of the Salmon (Complete Mix, Documentary Soundtrack Excerpt)

Demonstrating the use of Illusion on an orchestral mix. The reverbs are used more prominently than in a typical mix to illustrate the effect of the reverb.

The Return of the Salmon
Mixed by Peter Ratner
Composed by Christel Veraart

Drums: Gauguin Hall
Duduk: Salle en Motion (main), Gauguin Hall (support)
Woodwinds: Gauguin Hall (main), Shaded Strings (support)
Brass: Gauguin Hall
Harps: Salle en Motion (main), Gauguin Hall (support)
Strings: Shaded Strings (main), Gauguin Hall (support)

Additional post processing effects: Cubase Maximiser and Cubase Limiter

Softly The Night (Excerpt from Complete Mix, with Stems)

Demonstrating the use of Illusion on a complete mix.

Softly The Night (Stems)

Lead Vocals Mix(Digital Spaces | Thin Vocal 1; 0.9 seconds decay)
Backing Vocals Mix(Chambers | Chamber of Illusion 1; 1.45 seconds decay)

Softly The Night
Mixed by Peter Ratner
Music and Lyrics by Ivan Night

Organ: Halls | Open Hall
Percussion: Rooms | Studio 1
Guitars: Rooms | Reflective Bright
Bass Guitar and Bass Piano: Rooms | Studio 3
Lead Vocal: Digital Spaces | Thin Vocal
Backing Vocals: Chambers | Chamber of Illusion (main), Digital Spaces | Thin Vocal (supporting)

Additional post processing effects: Cubase Maximiser and Cubase Limiter

A selection of the great videos of Illusion posted on social media.

Production Expert

Doctor Mix

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