Filtrate LE

LiquidSonics’ Filtrate LE is a reduced version of Filtrate and provides a linear phase 5-band paragraphic equaliser.

Reverberate LE is provided free of charge for PC, 32-bit only.

Documents and Installers

A full user manual is included in the installation.

Version 1.004

Download: 32-bit

Additional Information

Filtrate LE supports all major VST DAWs on Windows

    • Windows XP and above
    • VST 2.4 host
    • Pentium 4 and above recommended

Filtrate LE is a well featured linear phase equaliser, a complete list of capabilities is as follows:

    • Linear Phase EQ
    • 5-band
    • Paragraphic controls
    • Adjustable FIR length

Note that Filtrate LE is available for 32-bit PC VST only.