Apple Silicon Public Preview Downloads

The public preview builds on this page are beta-release grade software which include native support for Apple Silicon processors (i.e. they do not require the use of Rosetta 2). This software is using pre-release protection tools from Pace (with permission naturally) and it will be revised before a full release. Please only use if you are happy to download and run beta-grade software that may contain bugs. Please report any bugs to technical support including a full crash report if applicable (available from Applications/Utilities/Console if you did not copy/paste it at the time).


You may download the preview builds below.

Seventh Heaven (update only) v1.3.8 (Build 27/12/2021): Download
Seventh Heaven Pro (update only) version 1.3.8 (Build 27/12/2021): Download

Reverberate v3.2.2 (Build 27/12/2021): Download

Lustrous Plates v1.1.1 (Build 27/12/2021): Download
Lustrous Plates Surround v1.1.1 (Build 27/12/2021): Download

Cinematic Rooms v1.1.2 (Build 27/12/2021): Download
Cinematic Rooms Professional v1.1.2 (Build 27/12/2021): Download

Illusion v1.2.4 (Build 27/12/2021): Download

Installation Instructions

Seventh Heaven: Ensure you have previously installed the full packages, and then run the updater package linked on this page.

All other plugins: The installers contain all presets and software, so you may install this package on a new M1 Mac if required. Alternatively, to update simply run the installer (there is no need to remove any old versions).

You may need to force your DAW to re-scan the plugins. For Logic, visit Preferences / Plug-in Manager / Full Audio Unit Reset and then restart the Mac.

Removal: Please see the knowledge base for details on removing LiquidSonics software if you want to go back to an older version as an older installer will typically not replace a newer version of a plug-in.

Known Issues

  • The plug-ins will likely crash Logic Pro or GarageBand when loading on Big Sur so it is not advised to try to use the current preview builds on systems with those configurations. The problem has not yet been observed on Monterey or any other hosts.