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We have a range of bundles available offering some great savings in the LiquidSonics Store.

Existing customer coupon codes can be used with most bundles, get your discount codes here.

Seventh Heaven Professional with Cinematic Rooms Professional Bundles

With the LiquidSonics Ultimate Bundle you can get our very best plug-ins all in one place – that’s Seventh Heaven Professional, Cinematic Rooms Professional, Reverberate 3, Illusion and Lustrous Plates Surround – and save BIG!

Or pick up the pro versions of two of the best reverbs available – the revolutionary Bricasti M7 simulation Seventh Heaven Professional and Atmos 7.1.6 capable Cinematic Rooms Professional in the Pro Bundle.

For the industry’s most comprehensive selection of surround reverbs pick up our Surround Bundle including Seventh Heaven Professional, Lustrous Plates Surround and Cinematic Rooms Professional all of which support workflows up to 7.1.6.

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Illusion & Lustrous Plates Bundles

LiquidSonics’ Illusion is a revolutionary new reverb plug-in and introduces Fusion-IR | Synthesis, a groundbreaking evolution of the industry leading Fusion-IR modulated convolution technology.

Illusion goes beyond the abilities of traditional algorithmic reverbs by using a totally new approach to reverb simulation with a suite of highly advanced reverberation technologies that are impossible to implement with any other system. It represents nothing less than a revolution in contemporary reverb design.